Not surprised by accounts of racism I was dismayed but not entirely surprised by the discrimination that Saba Torabian experienced at Los Altos Grill (“Los Altos Hills resident claims racism after forced to leave downtown restaurant,” March 24).

Unfortunately, her treatment is not an isolated incident in our community. It is clear that her party was mistreated due to their race. She would not have been upset if the white women had also been asked to move. A witness corroborated her story. And Los Altos Grill had the audacity to summon the police!

Draeger’s Market, another local establishment, also showed the same type of racist and callous behavior in their treatment of their predominantly Latinx employees. They did not have the decency to provide them with adequate personal protective equipment. I doubt if they would have been treated so poorly had they been white.

Kenan Moos, a Black Los Altos High School alumnus and Los Altan of the Year, has been very vocal about his treatment by our local police. He has been stopped 14 times. How many white students from Los Altos High have been pulled over by the police this frequently?

I was also surprised that I did not see one letter in the Town Crier in support of Draeger’s employees. However, I did read one in support of Draeger’s! What does this tell us about our seemingly progressive community that we cannot stand up for those who are less fortunate or non-white?

Emily Wu

Los Altos

SB 10 not so simple, overrides rights

Anne Paulson is correct when she says, “We all benefit when we understand what our legislators are proposing” (Letters, April 2).

But she is wrong when she says Senate Bill 10 is simple because it eliminates the red tape of environmental impact reports when upzoning.

In fact, the bill would override the 108-year-old constitutional right of Californians to pass ballot initiatives that politicians cannot undo. It would allow city councils to overturn voter-approved initiatives that protect open space, shoreline, farmlands or any other public land, regardless of existing zoning or a city’s General Plan. A simple council vote could put 10-unit market-rate housing on any land deemed “urban infill,” “transit rich” or “jobs rich” (see

As a member the Los Altos Affordable Housing Alliance, Paulson should also be keenly aware that neither SB 9 nor SB 10 would provide any “affordable” housing.

Pat Marriott

Los Altos

First Friday return was successful, safe

Thanks to all who made the first First Friday event in over a year a successful chance to stroll downtown and see other people in a relaxed atmosphere.

We saw no one without a mask (although social distancing sometimes went by the board in the large and mobile group).

We enjoyed the food, the music – even the dogs! – and the chance to share with our neighbors a nice moment or two.

Let’s hope these evenings can continue in the future, attracting even more attendees, if everyone plays by the rules.

Lizebeth and Don Burch

Los Altos