LA should require proof of vaccination

What should the Los Altos city policy be for the trending COVID delta variant?

Do you know that Los Altos will open our indoor facilities without requiring proof of vaccination? This includes city council chambers and Hillview and Grant Park community centers and all other city-owned indoor spaces. We will require masks, but I am not sure how social distancing will be enforced or not.

The city of San Francisco requires proof of vaccination for indoor spaces, so it surely is possible to do the same. Why are we any different? Are we willing to let anyone get sick or worse because we do not require proof of vaccination?

This policy seems crazy to me because I have been told that more than 90% of our adult residents or seniors are fully vaccinated. As a senior, I am unwilling to take the risk of indoor exposure because the city has chosen not to require proof of vaccination only because it may be too inconvenient to do so.

Our current policy puts responsible residents who are fully vaccinated at more risk and essentially rewards a small minority that opposed vaccinations to continue to do so because there is no pain for not caring enough about fellow humans to be vaccinated.

Please let the city manager and city council know whether or not you agree that use of our indoor spaces should require proof of vaccination.

Frank Martin

Los Altos

Friends of Library does valuable work

Members of Friends of the Library are friends to all who live in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. For more than 60 years, volunteers have been donating time and talent to our Los Altos library system.

Yes, the land on which their storage sheds sit is valuable land. What makes land in a city valuable? One of the reasons is because it provides an excellent library to its citizens.

One of the reasons our library is able to provide these excellent services is because of its amazing volunteers. Being able to conduct their services close to the library is a benefit for all.

I acknowledge that the city cannot “give away” valuable land, but allowing such a valuable service to operate on valuable land makes perfect sense.

Kate Smith

Los Altos Hills