Former mayors oppose land-sale ordinance

We former mayors of Los Altos convened in 2018 to defend representative democracy against an attack by Measure C. The only actions that currently require voter approval are mandated by the state. Voters must approve tax increases and any changes to voter rights such as term limits. We elect our representatives to handle everything else because we do not have the time, inclination nor experience to manage city business. Our nation’s foundation is based on the wisdom of representative democracy.

Measure C proposed to add to voter responsibilities the management of city properties. The city council could buy property, but Measure C proposed that the council could not sell nor lease property without voter approval. The voters wisely rejected Measure C.

Now the city council has proposed (ordinance 2021-477) that voter approval shall be required to sell or subdivide the Los Altos Civic Center land, unless a later council changes its mind. This ordinance pretends to shift some responsibility for land management to the voters and away from the council.

This is a waste of city staff time and money for cosmetic politics. If it turns out to be like the camel’s head in the tent, then this ordinance is a dangerous move against efficient government.

Past Los Altos mayors

Marge Bruno, Roy Lave,

King Lear, Dave Reeder

and Frank Verlot

Good news: Thanks to Town Crier for 75 years

Kudos and congratulations to the Town Crier for 75 years of nonstop local news.

You have made us laugh, you have made us cry, you have even made us shake our heads in disbelief at our picayune behavior. Through you, we have learned how generous Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View folks are. With your help, we have watched our future generations receive accolades throughout their education. We want to thank you for keeping us abreast of all the happenings in our community over all these years.

For the last 75 years, the Town Crier has given so much to us. In a time when local newspapers have been struggling, let’s keep supporting them with paid subscriptions and advertising so that they can continue to keep us informed for the next 75 years.

Applause to you again for a job well done!

Chuck and Ilona Lindauer

Los Altos