State housing bills won’t increase stock

If Anne Paulson, member of the Los Altos Affordable Housing Alliance, truly cares about affordable homes, she should be aware that Housing Is A Human Right opposes State Senate Bills 9 and 10.

The organization points out serious problems. SB 9 and SB 10 will “destroy working-class communities … fuel gentrification and displacement” and “turn more individuals, particularly people of color, into permanent renters.” Wealth will transfer to “corporate landlords and major developers” (see

When multiple units can be built on a split lot, that land becomes more valuable and more expensive. Developers will look for properties where they can demolish low-end single-family homes and build dense rental units or four market-rate homes where one exists today. The poor and working class will lose their opportunity to own a home and build wealth. Economic disparity will just get worse.

SB 9 and SB 10 do nothing to increase the stock of affordable housing. Our teachers, clerks, health workers – all those essential to a strong society – will not benefit from these bills.

Call Assemblymember Marc Berman and tell him, “Just say ‘no’”!

Frank Martin

Los Altos

Don’t miss new works from Arts Los Altos

Many thanks for your coverage of local public arts projects!

It was fun to read a comment in the Town Crier from Cheryl Smith, who just discovered the remarkable new mural at the corner of Main and Third streets. This mural was conceived and implemented by a vigorous new nonprofit – Arts Los Altos – whose mission is to create new public artworks that are 100% privately funded and installed on private property locations (walls, plazas, etc.) visible to the public.

Residents of Los Altos are encouraged to check out all of its new works downtown. For more, information, visit

Katie Povejsil

Los Altos

Protect Peace Corps from budget cuts

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy founded the U.S. government agency known as the Peace Corps. Since then, approximately 240,000 citizens have served our nation as Peace Corps volunteers, touching the lives of citizens in 142 countries.

President Joe Biden recently announced the pending budget for the Peace Corps; it is the same budget as the last six years. Despite its important mission, the agency often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves and is one of the first agencies where budget cuts occur. Please contact your U.S. representatives to encourage them to increase the budget to meet the needs of a changing world.

Nick Di Canio

Mountain View