Housing, homelessness: Can’t have it both ways

While reading the Town Crier, I was struck by the irony of two contrasting stories – one with pushback to new housing laws over parking concerns and house paint colors, and the other about the efforts to push RVs and their residents off Mountain View streets.

Simply put, you cannot have it both ways. If we refuse to make housing accessible to anyone not making six figures, there will always be people who are then forced to live in RVs, sleep in their cars or find a tent. To expect otherwise is ignorance.

Do you want teachers, shop clerks and baristas to be able to reasonably do their work in your community? Do you want the massive homelessness epidemic that the Bay Area faces to be solved? Then the measures proposed in new legislation have to be taken, in our community and in every community.

We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand anymore.

Elizabeth Kristian

Los Altos‘

‘People hear what they want to hear’

There’s an old adage: “People hear what they want to hear.” Apparently, Monica Waldman, in her Dec. 29 letter to the editor (“Eradicate Christmas images on public land?”), heard what she wanted to hear. She assumed I was against all religious displays on public land when I was actually saying quite the opposite.

In my Dec. 15 letter (“Menorah approved, how about Nativity?”), I clearly stated that I was pleasantly surprised to see that the city approved the display of a menorah on city-owned land, and I suggested that local churches file an application to display a Nativity scene. I do not believe that separation of church and state means a ban of religious displays on government-owned land.

Next December, I’d love to see more religious displays on our city-owned properties. I would also like to see our city revert to the original “Christmas Tree Lighting.” Let’s put Christmas back in our holiday season.

Ken Girdley

Los Altos

Media cause ‘copycat’ behavior

I feel strongly that newspapers and other media generate “copycat” behavior – good behavior as well as violent behavior.

“Copy” and “inspire” are equally good words. We are social animals. We enjoy being with people of the same mind, reading about them, being inspired by them. It’s not a “follow the crowd” mentality. It’s a “let’s do it together” attitude.

Newspapers claim they sell more papers with violent stories. Perhaps so. Is that what we want? Equal space devoted to people working together toward a goal would not hurt sales.

I read the Town Crier because you print affirmative news. Your staff does a good job of reporting both sides of issues.

Leelane Hines

Los Altos