Job well done on Foothill Expressway

We need to commend the powers that be who cleared up the roads on El Monte Avenue and Foothill Expressway.

After years of horrible traffic 4-6 p.m. daily at the intersection of San Antonio Road and Foothill Expressway, trying to get past the El Monte backup, it is finally a breeze. Surely we all recall the frustration of sitting in traffic to move the one block from San Antonio to El Monte.

We want to thank the super planners who put in the extra lane where it was needed; the traffic flow could not be better. The short period of inconvenience during the construction was well worth it.

This is definitely a job well done.

Myra Orta

Los Altos

State housing bill allows split lots

There’s a lot of confusion about Senate Bill 9, originally dubbed the “duplex bill.” That innocent title assumed people wouldn’t object to just one additional home on a lot. However, the word “duplex” does not even appear in the bill’s text.

It’s generally understood that SB 9 allows a property to be split, and a house plus an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) plus a junior ADU could be built on each lot. Six homes where one existed.

The worst-case scenario would be if I put a duplex (or two separate homes) on my lot. I then add an ADU and a junior ADU. Now I split my lot and duplicate those four units on the second lot. That’s eight homes where there was originally just one. Read more at

If you’re thinking, “This can’t happen in my neighborhood,” please get the facts. SB 9 has already passed the State Senate and is now going through the Assembly.

And please sign the petition opposing SB 9 at

Pat Marriott

Los Altos

‘Calming’ bumps not very calming

I have lived in Los Altos for over 35 years now, and Cuesta Drive is one of my usual routes to come and go, as I’m sure it is for many residents. I do understand that the city needs to address the issue of speeders on the main roads. But to install huge “calming” bumps that require drivers to practically come to a standstill is way overdoing it, in my opinion. The speed limit on Cuesta is 25 mph, so why do we have to slow down to barely 15 mph to cross over these “calming” bumps?

I strongly object to this, and hope that the city will reduce these bumps to a reasonable level. There are three of these annoying bumps just on one small block between El Monte and Campbell avenues. Ridiculous! Do we really need three reminders to slow down in a one-block area? Bumps are meant to slow down the traffic, not bring it to a standstill.

Having brought up the subject of speeders, I am very disappointed in the lack of police presence along Miramonte Avenue, between El Camino Real and Foothill Expressway. The speeding is way out of control, but especially between 5 and 8 p.m., when people are rushing to get home from work. I never see a police officer present to calm down this area.

We have four schools nearby, and lots of children ride their bikes or skateboards along Miramonte.

In addition, late-evening speeders can be heard from my house, which is six houses away from the corner, racing along Miramonte as well, to and from Foothill, just for fun, as I can hear the loud roar of the engines and screeching tires.

So, how was it decided to calm down Cuesta to a crawl and do nothing about calming down Miramonte Avenue?

Diana Lloyd

Los Altos