What’s the benefit

of Foothill widening?

Has anyone else pondered what benefit we have experienced in the road changes (on Foothill Expressway between San Antonio Road and El Monte Avenue) compared to the taxpayer cost and many months of construction and traffic inconvenience?

Sure, the median has been made narrower, and the inside lanes widened, but to what end? The parts that have been widened seem to be unusable – they are still sectioned off with traffic barriers. What was the goal – to have an extra lane on either side for one block between El Monte and San Antonio? Also, the right-hand turn lanes onto and off of Foothill are still blocked, causing snarled traffic and difficult turn negotiating.

The only purpose, so far, has been to provide extra parking for construction equipment.

I’m perplexed – can someone explain what we got out of this lengthy and expensive project?

Jerry Haslam

Los Altos Hills

Stop rehashing

Lee Eng issue

We (referring to several of our friends and neighbors) feel that this entire issue selecting Los Altos City Councilwoman Lynette Lee Eng to scapegoat for a nonexistent racial issue has been blown up and exaggerated way out of any logical reasoning.

For a person to express their fears and then be continuously criticized for their expression at several council meetings and in several Town Crier articles is what we call “being picked on” and is truly tiresome.

We have found Lee Eng to be a diligent council member who does her homework. She comes to meetings prepared and renders decisions based on the facts. We may not always agree with her, but she certainly demonstrates her dedication to the job.

I certainly do not plan to attend any more council meetings with this issue being rehashed again and again.

Myra Orta

Los Altos