Farmers’ market team deserves praise

We want to compliment the new management at the Thursday evening Downtown Los Altos Farmers’ Market. They have tried very hard to make attending a pleasant and rewarding experience.

They are friendly, and a big improvement over the former management company. They have welcomed back many vendors, including those who serve the diners who look forward to Thursday night out with no home-cooking,

They have provided additional seating for the eating-out crowd, they are diligent about collecting the garbage and they have made it clear that animals are not welcome at the market due to health concerns with their large, clear, well-placed signs.

They also have reached out to the community by assigning a prominent location to the League of Women Voters to help with their community project of registering voters.

They have made it fun “to go to market.” This is what happens when a small, sincere, hardworking local business is chosen over the large, well-established corporate business that really does not care about pleasing the locals.

Myra Orta

Los Altos

Reject recall of elected governor

There is a consequential election going on right now in California – please exercise your right to vote and reject the recall of our elected governor!

This is a power play by the right to overrule the majority’s will, and it will cost us Californians over $250 million to fund this special election. How is that fiscally responsible?

Gov. Gavin Newsom has shown extraordinary courage leading Californians through this global pandemic, and due to his leadership, thousands of Californian lives have been saved.

He has led the fight for LGBTQ and women’s rights, racial equity and the environment. He is tackling homelessness head-on, and has planned for all our kids’ future by providing education reforms such as two free years of community college to first-time students and proposing free universal pre-kindergarten.

No doubt he has made a few mistakes – which of us hasn’t? – but overall Governor Newsom is driving change that will improve all our lives.

Please vote “no” to recall Governor Newsom and submit your ballot before Sept. 14.

Anita Kapadia

Los Altos for Racial Equity

Don’t lose sight of climate change crisis

Regarding “A world burning up and underwater must act on climate change” (“Other Voices,” Aug. 18): It is so important that the authors, Paula Danz and Mark Reynolds, are getting this information out there.

I’m sure most people can think of particular personal examples of climate change affecting them.

For myself, I think of our house in Healdsburg somehow surviving three separate fires over three different years, with the fires coming within a mile of the house, saved only due to “which way the winds were blowing.” This year, my sister’s home in Truckee has been choked with so much smoke, they had to leave the area. My brother’s former home in El Dorado County burned to the ground last week in the Caldor Fire. It’s heartbreaking.

As the opinion piece stated, other areas are experiencing different types of extreme conditions, all adding up more quickly each year.

Thank you, Danz and Reynolds, for continuing to beat the drum, keeping the climate crisis in the civic consciousness. Even though there are plenty of catastrophes to grab our attention each day, we must not lose sight of the most far-reaching existential crisis facing our world today.

Renee Hinson

Mountain View