Cyclist gets a charge from e-bike rider

The other afternoon, as I was slowly huffing my way up Robleda Avenue on an old mountain bike, a middle-school-aged child sped by in a flash, barely pedaling. He was going uphill easily as fast as the occasional passing car.

To him I say, “Speed on, young friend! More electric power to you as you seek higher ground!”

And if I (or his parents) should fret for his safety, perhaps he would quote Erma Bombeck: “Worry is like a rocking chair: It gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.”

Nick Ulman

Los Altos

Speed humps were out of compliance

With respect to the speed humps on Cuesta Drive, some new facts came out at the Oct. 27 meeting of the Complete Streets Commission.

The company hired to install the speed humps had never done that type of work before. Also, the height of the speed humps as contracted was 4.25 inches.

The city presented data from an independent surveying company showing that all the speed humps were far out of compliance with the 4.25-inch design specification, yet the city still accepted the work. Not only did the city hire an unqualified company to do the work, they accepted the out-of-compliance speed humps as built.

City staff proposed replacing the speed humps with pre-fab plastic ones at 3.5 inches, which would likely let speeds go back up to 35 mph, based on Federal Highway Administration data for such speed humps. As noted in last week’s Town Crier, this is being reviewed.

I suggest the city have the asphalt company come back and grind the speed humps down to 4.25 inches as contracted, and taper them to zero in the bike lanes. Then let’s see what effect that has on speed and noise before spending any more money on this project.

Tom Shoup

Los Altos

Sorensens: Go back to three-story design

If Ted and Jerry Sorensen insist on building a five-story building at 40 Main St., every downtown business owner and property owner should shun them for destroying our downtown.

In my humble opinion, even a four-story structure is too tall. I encourage the Sorensens to go back to their original three-story plan.

Ken Girdley

Los Altos