There’s no need for downtown theater

I very much agree with John Shoemaker’s Dec. 1 letter to the editor about a downtown theater/performing arts center (“Theater not proper use of taxpayers’ funds”). There is absolutely no need for it.

First: We already have the Bus Barn Theater, where there’s lots of parking at the new Los Altos Community Center right nearby.

Second: Taking up an entire parking plaza is ridiculous. It wasn’t long ago that folks complained about insufficient parking downtown. And now with the outdoor dining areas, there’s even less parking. If that parking plaza was not there, where would we park when we go to Walgreens or the post office?

Third: Reread John’s letter in the Town Crier. Lots of good, solid information.

Last: Have Los Altos voters decide this. As John said, “A performing arts center is not the proper use of community funds now or five years from now.”

Rita Held Cartalano

Los Altos

Eradicate Christmas images on public land?

Ken Girdley, in his Dec. 15 letter to the Town Crier (“Menorah approved, how about Nativity?”), asks if a menorah was allowed to be displayed downtown on public land, why not a Nativity scene?

It is a question important enough to Mr. Girdley that he also wrote a public comment for items not on the agenda to the Los Altos City Council dated Nov. 18 on the same topic.

I agree with Mr. Girdley that there should be a separation of church and state but find it peculiar he doesn’t notice the plentiful downtown Christmas decorations, which will be on display much longer than the menorah. With Hanukkah over, may I suggest Mr. Girdley focus his energies on eradicating the images of Christmas downtown on public land such as the Christmas trees in Veterans Community Plaza, the garlands with bows on street lights and lights strung on city-owned trees.

Next year he can focus on stopping events such as the Holiday Tree Lighting.

Monica Waldman

Los Altos