LA council: Reconsider dog park at McKenzie

We are disappointed that the Los Altos City Council has voted 4-1 to destroy green space in McKenzie Park west.

The council’s decision to build a fenced-in dog park will require the removal of protected trees.

It will significantly disrupt homes and medical facilities, pollute the adjacent tennis courts and overwhelm local streets such as Fremont and Altos Oaks with parked cars. Ease of access from Interstate 280 will attract many passing travelers, who will find the dog park through phone apps.

In taking its decision on Jan. 11, the council put aside the recommendation against doing so by its own Parks and Recreation Subcommittee. The council is moving forward with an ordinance to fence in the area immediately to ensure that its willful destruction of this space is permanent, with the promise of a budget to review at some later date.

We urge the council to reconsider its decision. Green space should be preserved for all Los Altos residents, whether two-legged or four-legged.

Barbara Adey, Doug and

Basia Baney, Amy Chang,

Steven and Dora Guo,

Allen and Natasha Hullenger, Jackson Huynh, Tom

Johnson, Einat and Asher Kagan, David Kays, Anne

Kearns, Cheryl Kershner, Julie Kim, Megan Marwede, Susan and Todd Makler, Henry and Adelle More, Anna Nguyen, Anne and Derek Pitcher, Dave Rich, Kristin and Mike Shadduck, John and Nicole Snedigar, Rashmi and Vikram Sinha, Talvi and Punit Soni, Arthur Weng, Linda and Rick White, and Jim Yang and family

Menorah not a religious symbol

I was hoping the local rabbis and the history scholars would take the time out of their busy schedule to explain to Ken Girdley and Monica Waldman, the Town Crier’s devoted readers (letters, Dec. 15, Dec. 29 and Jan. 12), that Hanukkah, known as the Festival of Light, is not a religious holiday and having a menorah on public display has nothing to do with the actual religious history, as it is a symbol of freedom and a zest for independence of the brave Maccabees.

Just like eating potato pancakes (latkes) is not a religious symbol.

In the lovely town of Los Altos, a home to the citizens representing the rich ethnic cultures and celebrations from all over the world, let’s not wait to celebrate!

Should we install a beautiful heart sculpture in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day festivity?

Happy New Year and cheers!

Lina Broydo

Los Altos Hills

ALPRs: Appropriate for residents to opt out?

Advocates of the new automatic license plate readers in Los Altos Hills downplayed the privacy risks associated with the readers (“Los Altos Hills installs first batch of automatic license plate readers,” Jan. 12).

However, the rules allow Los Altos Hills residents (and only residents) to opt out of collection of their license plates.

Do they not see the contradiction here? Is this appropriate at a time when many of us are urged to “check our privilege”?

Jim Fenton

Los Altos

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