Enander should serve on county board

I was quite disappointed when Los Altos City Council members Neysa Fligor, Jonathan Weinberg and Sally Meadows denied Mayor Anita Enander her rightful seat on the Cities Association of Santa Clara County Board of Directors. Mayor Enander deserves that seat just as Fligor deserved it when she was mayor.

Over the past 12 years, the Los Altos current mayor has accepted the appointment to the Cities Association board, and Mayor Enander was willing and ready to serve on this board.

Nancy Phillips

Los Altos

LA council: Why the break from tradition?

New Los Altos Mayor Anita Enander should serve on the board of the Cities Association of Santa Clara County.

However, the previous mayor, Neysa Fligor, begged to continue, breaking a 12-year tradition of mayor board membership, even though she is no longer mayor.

Why did Fligor discount and disregard this tradition?

Why did Fligor push to stay?

On Nov. 23, Fligor’s letter to the public touted civility and cooperation. She spoke of respect and tradition. Fligor’s actions speak louder than her insincere platitudes.

Those who voted against the mayor serving on the board can remedy this decision by revisiting their vote.

The council is supposed to take care of the citizens of Los Altos, not pursue selfish endeavors.

Terri Couture

Los Altos

Former mayor not being team player

At the Nov. 30 Los Altos City Council meeting, then-Mayor Neysa Fligor voted to approve a memorandum of understanding with the Los Altos Stage Company to reserve city-owned Parking Plaza 2 in downtown as space to construct a theater. The theater group had not presented any information showing the cost that would be expected from the city for construction or operation of a new theater.

At the council meeting of Dec. 14, Fligor blocked Mayor Anita Enander’s responsibility to assign a position to the Cities Association of Santa Clara County Board of Directors. Traditionally the mayor holds this position, but Fligor wanted it for herself again.

Certainly, Fligor does not deserve nor is entitled to two bites at the apple. It appears that Fligor is only concerned with her own political career and cares little about team play and fairness. 

Roberta Phillips

Los Altos

Enander deserves mayor’s board seat

Los Altos City Councilmember Neysa Fligor’s insistence on keeping her seat on the Cities Association Board of Directors was inappropriate and divisive. She claimed she has to stay to continue work on the diversity and justice subcommittee and the transition to a joint powers authority.

Mayor Anita Enander is supremely qualified in those areas and would contribute greatly to the discussions. If she took her rightful place on the board of 15 mayors, Fligor would still keep her seat on the Executive Board, which is a separate entity. And it’s the Executive Board that’s responsible for continuity, since many cities change mayors every year. That rotation benefits cities and residents, with each mayor bringing new experience and talent to the board.

Fligor said, “I can’t emphasize how important it is for me to continue serving.”

Important to her? Of course. But not to the residents of Los Altos or to the Cities Association. What’s important is teamwork, respect and integrity. Denying Mayor Enander the seat is an insult to her, to long-standing city policy, and to Los Altos residents.

We expect fair play from our elected representatives. Holding public office should not be a way of fulfilling one’s personal agenda.

Pat Marriott

Los Altos

Is it election season already?

I was surprised to see what appeared to be a misleading, negative and coordinated series of letters to the editor of a nearby local paper attacking recently former Los Altos mayor and now council member Neysa Fligor. Were these similar-sounding letters a coincidence? Of course not.

Councilmember Fligor was clear in her request and reasons to continue serving on the board of the Cities Association of Santa Clara County, and the majority of the city council trusted her to temporarily continue the unfinished business that is currently in progress.

Don’t be fooled by this vocal minority. These apparently coordinated letters are obviously an attempt to distract Los Altos residents from the many accomplishments of then-Mayor Fligor and the city council over the past year and kick off the 2022 election season over 10 months before the November 2022 election! It will be interesting to see who the “No on Everything” crowd will be supporting in that election.

Joe Beninato

Los Altos

Adventure Toys goes the extra mile

I was in Adventure Toys doing last-minute shopping along with many other shoppers. There was a woman in front of me at the checkout counter who was trying to find a specific gift for one of her grandchildren. She was very distressed that the store did not have the item.

The young woman who was helping her went the extra mile to see if it was anywhere on the internet and as luck would have it, she found the item. She advised the customer that it could be ordered on a particular website. Sadly, the customer said she did not have a computer. This salesperson, despite the very busy store, helped her order it on the store’s computer.

Los Altos is so fortunate that Adventure Toys, along with so many of our great stores, has such a caring staff, especially at this stressful time of year.

Thank you to whoever you are who made this woman a very grateful grandma!

Lee Goines

Los Altos