Why no interview for LAH resident?

Thanks for the Town Crier’s recent article highlighting that Robert Sandor was not even interviewed by the Los Altos Hills City Council for the position of city manager (“Hills resident vied for city manager position,” Sept. 8). Apparently, the search firm did not feel he was qualified.

One of the key reasons TTAGS (Townspeople for Transparency, Accountability, no more Garbage contract fiascos, Safety and service improvements) was formed was to take a critical look at our current city council-city manager form of governance and see how it could be improved for the 21st century. The original model typically had a city manager who was also a resident of the city he/she would be managing. As a resident, the manager understood the needs of the town much better than a nonresident. Hiring a nonresident makes the model much more challenging.

Why Mr. Sandor was not even interviewed even though he is a resident of Los Altos Hills, understands the importance of volunteer committees, is passionate about our town and was successful in the private sector defies logic.

John Swan

Los Altos Hills

Affordable housing needs can be met

Los Altos can and should meet its Regional Housing Needs Allocation target of 789 low- and very-low-income housing units:

1. Accessory dwelling units and the 15% inclusionary zoning rules could contribute 25% of the goal.

2. Four additional apartment buildings, similar to the 330 Distel Circle project, would bridge the rest.

But affordable housing developers need evidence that the city means it this time, which means: implementing an audacious housing element (due Dec. 31); actively engaging with developers and landowners; and providing land capacity and bridge funding.

On funding, there is public money available at the federal, state and county level, in addition to several not-for-profit organizations. Unfortunately, Los Altos lacks the programs that have proven successful in the Bay Area, such as new construction impact fees, city land commitment and strategic upzoning.

The 2023-2031 housing element is the city’s opportunity to lead and do our part in offering housing options to all who make our city better, every day.

Patrick Dupuis

Los Altos Affordable Housing Alliance