Congratulations to Town Crier on 75 years

A letter to the editor reminded us that the Town Crier has been publishing for longer than we have been alive (“Thanks to Town Crier for 75 years,” Nov. 24). And also, before Los Altos was incorporated as a city in 1952.

We moved here in 1973 and have been reading the paper regularly ever since. Where would Los Altos residents be without it? Oh, sure, there’s lots of social media, but for comprehensive coverage of whatever is going on around here, the Town Crier is best.

We congratulate you, and hope you will be around to give us all the news for at least another 75 years. Thanks.

Lizebeth Burch

Los Altos

Menorah approved, how about Nativity?

I was pleasantly surprised to read in the Home for the Holidays supplement to the Town Crier that the Los Altos Recreation and Community Services department has issued a special event permit allowing the religious display of a menorah on public property.

I would love to see a Nativity scene displayed somewhere close to Los Altos City Hall and encourage our local churches to contact the recreation department for permission.

Ken Girdley

Los Altos