Traffic gridlock frustrates teacher

The closure and ongoing repaving of Fremont Avenue in Los Altos was extremely poorly thought out and executed.

Did anyone on the city staff realize that there are at least six schools (not including the residents, businesses and incoming contractors and workers) in this immediate area that would be impacted by the extreme traffic, street closures and delays? St. Simon, Mountain View High School, Oak Avenue School, Children’s Corner Preschool, Mountain View Parent Nursery School and Montecito Preschool are within 2-4 miles of Fremont Avenue.

The traffic was so bad, it was like Los Angeles freeway gridlock! All these schools and the students and parents who drive were heavily affected by the closure during the Fremont Avenue repaving.

I’m a teacher at one of these schools, and many of our staff got “stuck” in the backup on Grant Road on numerous days and were late to class ... which was the only alternative street to reach these schools during the weekday.

A few mobile signs with dates wasn’t enough information to let anyone in this area know how bad the gridlock was going to be.

In the future, there should be notices sent out by city staff to the schools and larger businesses in the area as a courtesy to the employees. And I don’t remember reading any leading stories in our local publications (including the Los Altos Town Crier) to warn residents or employees of Los Altos/Mountain View of the ongoing backups and delays.

This was very badly handled and mismanaged, much like a bad sports play.

I’m hoping the city will step up mailed notices and printed information (not on a website) with such a large street closure project.

Linda Kahn

Local teacher