We’re bringing out our thumbs as we assess recent local news events.

Thumbs-up: To Los Altos City Council approval of a new Emergency Operations Center at the police station site. The new EOC will provide more space – and more secure quarters – for ham radio operators and other emergency personnel to do their jobs. Moving the EOC next to the police station also allows personnel to better coordinate efforts with police. On a related matter, the city needs a new police station, as the current old building is too small and inadequate. We hope the council continues to see this as a priority.

Thumbs-down: To the initial attempt by Los Altos City Council members to address the ongoing political logjam between Councilmember Lynette Lee Eng and local activist Kenan Moos. The council had on its Tuesday agenda a proposed resolution that on one hand called for unity, but on the other took sides in the debate by asserting that Lee Eng offered untruthful comments that impacted Moos back in November and did not correct them. The council is in a no-win position by issuing a statement on something this divisive. The most appropriate action is to continue to push for mediation with a neutral third party.

Thumbs-down: To the May 4 defeat of the Cupertino Union School District’s Measure A parcel tax, which would have provided needed financial relief for south Los Altos parents and students in the cash-strapped district. Granted, the 67% threshold for approval is difficult to achieve, and district officials didn’t do themselves any favors by greatly increasing the amount of the tax, even after the last parcel tax attempt failed in March 2020. But now agonizing discussions over school closures loom. The district deserves better.

Thumbs-up: To everyone in Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View for playing a part in the county’s move into the yellow tier of its COVID framework last week – the tier with the fewest public health restrictions. Los Altos posted especially strong vaccination numbers, with more than 90% of the population 16 and older having had at least one shot. Continue to follow the rules – we’re nearly there.