Spring is here, and we’re springing into thumbs mode in the wake of recent local happenings.

Thumbs-up: To our local school districts for their reopening efforts, and for balancing safety with the need for kids to return to in-person education. It’s often difficult for school boards, teachers and parents to be on the same page, but plans are for Los Altos School District K-6 students to return to campus five days a week, and Mountain View Los Altos Union High and Cupertino Union school district students to resume in-person studies four days a week. This is great news and a relief for parents and students who have struggled with remote learning over the past year.

Thumbs-down: To the recall effort targeting CUSD board member and Los Altos resident Lori Cunningham. Parents vented their frustrations over last year’s closed campuses by singling out Cunningham, for no other reason than she happened to be board president last year. Cunningham is an excellent board member and a class act. With kids back at school, the sooner this misguided recall effort is pulled, the better.

Thumbs-up: To Kenan Moos and Los Altos City Councilmember Lynette Lee Eng, who have agreed to mediation in a months-long, high-profile dispute over Moos’ texts and Lee Eng’s responses, which triggered racism accusations. We still don’t know specifics, including potential costs and who’s footing the bill. And we’d like to think two people could get together and iron out differences without such a process. But here we are. We look forward to a prompt resolution.

Thumbs-up: To the safe reopening of retail businesses and restaurants amid the county’s loosened COVID-19 restrictions. This is the result of most of us following the rules and exercising caution as we endured a year of isolation that paralyzed the economy. Under the current orange tier, indoor dining is at 50% capacity and retail is at full capacity – even movie theaters are back at 50% capacity. We still have a ways to go – the number of COVID cases rose last week. And boneheaded, premature actions of other states (dropping mask mandates) could still impact us. But vaccines are on the rise and that bodes well for all of us.