Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District officials continue to deal with the fallout from a pandemic that has kept students out of school and struggling with the dubious alternative of online learning.

When COVID-19 first hit, MVLA scrambled to develop a remote learning program on the fly. But under steady leadership, the district has persevered and gotten more of a handle on remote learning. That steady leadership comes from a board whose members have years of experience and work well together. They will need that experience and cohesion as they face the difficult question of when to reopen classrooms.

Phil Faillace and Sanjay Dave are members of that board, both seeking re-election. Although challenger Laura Teksler is an excellent candidate – we could easily see her doing a great job on the board – we are giving the incumbents a slight edge for our endorsements in the race.

Faillace has served on the MVLA board since 1996. He continues to bring far-reaching institutional knowledge and wisdom that ensures the board makes good judgment calls. He knows how the district functions better than anyone. The pandemic changed his plans about retiring from the board after this term. We’re glad he’s going another round.

Dave claims to be one of the more engaged board members, and his record bears that out. Along with Faillace, his open communication with residents led to constructive compromises and agreements on thorny issues such as changes to a late-start bell schedule earlier this year and the recent approval of stadium lights at Los Altos and Mountain View high schools.

Teksler has a strong record of community involvement. She’s not only a board member with the Los Altos High School PTSA and MVLA Foundation, she also serves as co-chairwoman of Los Altos Community Foundation and as a member of the Los Altos Environmental Commission. Both she and Dave have children in the district. She sees too much emphasis on test scores and would like a more “whole child” educational approach.

Faillace and Dave get our nod based on board experience, but truly, voters cannot go wrong with any of these three MVLA candidates.