Happy New Year to all. Hopefully, 2021 will pivot from a year when we put everything on hold to one of celebration as we emerge from the pandemic and get our lives back.

In keeping with the tradition of setting goals in the new year, we offer the following for our communities of Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View.

For Los Altos:

• Let’s hire a new city manager who will steer the city on a solid financial, strategic path while still managing to get along with the city council (and vice versa).

• Let’s complete the new community center that will hopefully transition to full use before the end of the year.

For local schools:

• Let’s have our students go back to in-person classes when safe to do so. The pandemic has taught us that the remote learning experience is no substitute for in-person learning, from both academic and mental health standpoints. Let’s have a new appreciation for our teachers.

• Let’s put another parcel tax on the ballot for the Cupertino Union School District, one that voters will approve, and reduce the risk of closing schools.

For Los Altos Hills:

• Let’s end 2021 with the Los Altos Hills County Fire District still intact and not swallowed up by the Santa Clara County Fire Department. Tax dollars in Los Altos Hills should be going to local fire protection services.

For Mountain View:

• Let’s ensure that any resident living in a vehicle who wants help can get help as the city moves to enforce parking restrictions on oversized vehicles.

For all our communities:

• Let’s support small businesses throughout Los Altos and Mountain View. We should undertake another relief effort.

• Finally, let’s ensure that as many residents as possible get vaccinated. We need at least 80% of the population covered for herd immunity. We can do it.