Swim club finds ways to keep members active and engaged

By Kaley Kwan
Town Crier Editorial intern

Although Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics-Dana Kirk Swimming last month had to shut down its practices at Fremont Hills Country Club in Los Altos Hills due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the youth club’s coaches have found new ways to help keep their swimmers engaged, communicating and in shape.

Coaches have been sending out regular emails that include swimming history, at-home workouts for swimmers and their families, and challenges – short activities they can do on land. Coaches also post photos of the challenges on Instagram, tagging “PASA-DKS.”

“Exercise releases endorphins and even if you feel horrible in the moment, 20 minutes later it makes you feel a lot better,” head coach Dana Kirk said. “What we’re trying to do with the workouts we send out is make them mentally engaging. We are trying to keep everyone connected and together and give everyone a little bit of a break every day.”

That’s welcome news for club swimmers like Jason Liu.

“The fact that everything’s canceled makes a big impact on people that swim there,” the junior-varsity member said. “I think people have to adapt to it by figuring out how to exercise without practice. For me, I walk around or do indoor stuff like pushups and curl-ups. Socially, there’s less interaction even with social media platforms ... which I’m kind of sad about.”

As for when the swimmers will be back in the water together, Kirk is taking a wait-and-see approach. The Olympic medalist said there is the possibility of small-group practices once the pandemic dies down and the state lifts restrictions.

For more information on PASA-DKS, visit teamunify.com/Home.jsp?team=pcspa.

MVLA District paying coaches in full for spring

By Pete Borello
Staff Writer/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

While there have been reports that some of the state’s high school coaches won’t be fully compensated for the spring season because it ended early due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s not the case at Los Altos and Mountain View high schools.

Local students complete Rosen Challenge, log 24 miles in 24 hours

Rosen Family
Courtesy of Justin Rosen
Emma, from left, Justin and Marc Rosen indicate the miles they’ve run in the Rosen Challenge. Dog Alani participated as well.

By Pete Borello
Staff Writer/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It’s going to take more than a shelter-in-place order to stop distance runner Justin Rosen from getting his miles in. The Los Altos High junior recently came up with a creative way to do so that involved his family and friends.

MVPD warning: Do not gather to play sports

Town Crier Report

While many residents would like to exercise with friends and practice sports with others, the county’s directive concerning physical distancing prohibits it. The Mountain View Police Department reminded people of that last week via a press release posted online.

“We’ve gotten lots of questions about going to parks, fields, etc. to play, to practice, to train, etc.,” the release said. “Let us be clear – if you do not live with those with whom you are going on walks, hikes, runs, etc., what you are doing is prohibited by the county. This doesn’t mean that ‘if you keep 6 feet apart’ it’s OK. It is not allowed right now. Period.”

The release listed several sports that residents are not allowed to play during the order – including soccer, football, basketball, baseball, tennis and pickle ball – along with “any other group activity that can lead to a large gathering outside of those with whom you live every day.”

Police warn in the release that “if any of this behavior continues, all parks and trails could close. We don’t want that to happen, and we don’t think you do either.”

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