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Bet on it: Christian author says 'yes' to God's unexpected path

Courtesy of Bill Myers
Popular author Bill Myers grins for the camera as a winged friend photo-bombs him.

With titles like “My Life as Alien Monster Bait,” it’s no wonder that Bill Myers’ books are popular among Los Altos students in elementary school. His books and animated series, including “The Adventures of McGee and Me,” line the shelves at Los Altos Christian School and the Los Altos Library.

Myers has sold more than 8 million books, garnered more than 80 national and international awards – including the C.S. Lewis Honor Award – and recently finished production in Simi Valley on a film based on his book “Secret Agent Dingledorf: The Case of the Giggling Geeks.”

He’s written more than 100 kid, teen and adult books, and is managing partner of Amaris Media International.

He’s traveled the world, been interviewed by “Good Morning America” and the “ABC Nightly News” and collaborated with well-known Christian authors like Frank Peretti.

Yet at his core, the unassuming Myers is a teacher, with his heart set on glorifying God.

Life-changing bet

In a keynote address to hundreds who attended the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in April, the prolific author and filmmaker regaled the audience with his story of saying “yes” to God.

Myers said he grew up in a Christian household, but as a teen got bored with it. That’s when a Christian friend presented him with a challenge. Myers recalls the friend telling him, “I’ll make you a bet. … I’ll bet that from this moment on, (if) you promise to always say ‘yes’ to God, always, your life will be anything but boring.”

“Fine, bet,” Myers replied.

Thus began years of the unexpected.

Myers intended to be a dentist; instead, he ended up studying film in Rome, Italy. (An amusing say ‘yes’ moment, he said, as he’d only seen four movies in his life, and had trouble getting through foreign language class in school.) He got C’s in the single writing college course he took, yet he got a job writing for a TV series.

Opportunities to direct, write books and teach followed. And his life has been anything but boring.

So what does a say “yes” to God life look like?

“It begins with seeing a need or an opportunity,” Myers said. “You see something, you feel something, people approach you.”

He likens the next step to a ship coming into a treacherous harbor, looking for three lights that line up to indicate safe passage. His three lights: running the idea by Scripture, listening to the internal nudgings of the Holy Spirit and seeking counsel from people he trusts.

At the conference, Myers looked like a character who jumped off the page – dressed in a plaid shirt over a T-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes, and grinning in an “I have an idea” kind of way.

The 65-year-old’s life is full. On a break from his first morning of teaching fiction writing at the conference, he shared that his previous morning began by finishing a script, doing a radio interview, then hopping a plane to come to the writing conference.

“How great is that?” he asked.

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