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LAHS student ponders mentors, writing life and starting over

Courtesy of Trinity Suh
Los Altos High School student Trinity Suh’s recently released third novel tells the story of a young woman who goes on a journey of self-discovery.

For Trinity Suh, a rising senior at Los Altos High School, writing is more than a homework assignment or a means to a great college essay.

“I think of it as kind of a personal reflective time. … It gives me personal space,” she said.

Let's talk about the hijab

When people hear that I’m Muslim, one of the first things they ask about is the hijab. Why do I not wear one? What exactly is the deal with the hijab, anyway?

Unfortunately, the lack of understanding around the subject of the hijab leads people to make false or stereotyped claims about what Islam requires and stands for. Even the most well-intentioned people tend to have misconceptions, because of the misinformation spread about Islam in the public arena.

LASD trims trees in preparation for solar installation

Rendering Courtesy ofLos Altos School District
The Los Altos School District is trimming trees at all of its campuses in advance of installing solar shade structures, shown in the rendering at left.

Crews are trimming and removing trees this week to make way for installation of solar shade structures at each of the 10 Los Altos School District campuses.

The structures are slated for installation in school parking lots, except at Oak Avenue School, where the structures will be installed on the play area blacktop. The structures are similar to those already in place in the parking lots at Los Altos and Mountain View high schools.

Police to implement new traffic rules at LAHS

The Los Altos Police Department is implementing several changes to increase the safety of students walking and biking to Los Altos High School – which is scheduled to start Monday (Aug. 14) – and to address neighborhood traffic concerns.

            New traffic and student pick-up/drop-off rules:

  • No stopping on Almond Avenue in front of Los Altos High. New city signage will emphasize that it is not permitted to stop and drop off or pick up students on Almond Avenue in front of the school.
  • The U pass-through (off of Almond in front of the Los Altos main library) will be open one way for drop off and pick up 6:30-8:15 a.m. and 1:30-6:30 p.m. Police ask that drivers pull all the way up to create maximum space for pick up and drop off.

            As in the past, the student parking lot and the administration parking lot will be closed to drop off and pick up during school hours, 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

            To make the transition to the new regulations easier and safer, police encourage families to pick up and drop off students in unrestricted parking areas in close proximity to the school campus. Families may also pick up and drop off a block or two from campus in permitted areas to avoid traffic congestion.

            Carpool drivers are asked to park in designated spaces on campus. Students who drive to school must have a permit to park in the student lot. Those without a permit may park on Jardin Drive; watch for “No Parking” signage on other streets around campus.

            For more information, call the Los Altos Police Department at 947-2770.

Los Altos High School debuts freshmen mentors

Courtesy of Sarika Sethi
The fledgling Student Community Leaders class at Los Altos High School returns this fall with a new initiative, Freshman Jumpstart, to ease the transition for students arriving fresh from middle school.

Incoming ninth-graders at Los Altos High School will have a little extra help navigating new and unfamiliar breezeways this year thanks to Freshman Jumpstart, a new peer mentoring program run by the school’s youth leadership class.

All new freshmen at Los Altos High this fall will be paired with a volunteer mentor, all of whom are older students whose grades meet a grade-point average cutoff and who have been recommended by a teacher. In an effort to ease the sometimes nerve-racking transition from smaller middle-school campuses, Jumpstart mentors aim to provide not only concrete advice on subjects such as course selection, but also a friendly face on campus.

Silicon Valley culture leads to stress in teens and adults

Many articles have been written about the state of mental illness in Silicon Valley. I’ve read my fair share of tirades by concerned adults, such as the famous Atlantic magazine article “The Silicon Valley Suicides.”

Despite these articles, awareness campaigns, speeches, discussions and forums by both teens and parents, no action of consequence is actually taking place. Well-intentioned initiatives such as mental health groups at schools, websites and apps such as Teenztalk.org, created by Silicon Valley teens, are not enough to counteract the mental health epidemic.

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