Help for the homeless

Silicon Valley is the bustling hub of America’s technology industry – home to hundreds of startups and high-tech firms, many of them funded by multimillion-dollar investments from venture capitalists.

Checking out the chickens

School ChickensStudents in Kendal Sager’s Backyard Farmers class wait with lettuce snacks in hand for a visit from Sager’s hungry chickens. In addition to the meet-and-greet with hen Francesca Featherbottom and rooster Drumstick, kids learned about raising chicks, beekeeping and planting their own vegetables.

Student Voices: A history of walls and their worth

The idea of a wall is not a new concept. From the earliest known civilizations all the way to the 21st century, walls are a seemingly easy idea to keep away enemies.

County schools plan to install fiber-optic internet

Local schools could see a boost in their bandwidth next school year after the Santa Clara County Office of Education reported plans to connect districts via high-speed fiber-optic cable.

The project aims to connect most school districts in Silicon Valley to the Office of Education data center using dark fiber – the unused fiber-optic cable installed by companies to avoid costs of having to do it again when there is an additional need for fiber-optic cable.

LASD trims trees in preparation for solar installation

Rendering Courtesy ofLos Altos School District
The Los Altos School District is trimming trees at all of its campuses in advance of installing solar shade structures, shown in the rendering at left.

Crews are trimming and removing trees this week to make way for installation of solar shade structures at each of the 10 Los Altos School District campuses.

The structures are slated for installation in school parking lots, except at Oak Avenue School, where the structures will be installed on the play area blacktop. The structures are similar to those already in place in the parking lots at Los Altos and Mountain View high schools.

Let's talk about the hijab

When people hear that I’m Muslim, one of the first things they ask about is the hijab. Why do I not wear one? What exactly is the deal with the hijab, anyway?

Unfortunately, the lack of understanding around the subject of the hijab leads people to make false or stereotyped claims about what Islam requires and stands for. Even the most well-intentioned people tend to have misconceptions, because of the misinformation spread about Islam in the public arena.

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