Let's combat global warming

Global warming is a big problem. Here is how it affects the Earth and people. Do you think it is a big problem?

Why is climate change happening? One of the reasons for the greenhouse effect is coal being burned. Another reason is chemical gases getting trapped in the atmosphere, heating Earth up. Also, when people burn fossil fuels to make electricity, the chemicals and heat get trapped in the atmosphere. All of the debris at once is too hard for the atmosphere to push out. It is like giving you years’ worth of homework all at once.

The hot spell affects one of our important daily needs: food. When flash floods happen, it will wash away our crops. This is global warming. Due to the warming, at times a lot of clouds have rain in them and then they burst and start pouring down faster than the soil can absorb it. Another result of warming is droughts. Droughts ensure that there isn’t enough water for the crops. The last reason is that when the plants breathe polluted air, it makes it unhealthy to eat and grow them.

Worldwide warming affects the oxygen and air we breathe. Factories affect the air by releasing smog into the atmosphere. The air travels to different places, polluting and spreading toxic waste.

Planetwide warming affects people and animals. Droughts give way to death of crops and let water evaporate quickly. As a result, it is harder and more expensive to get water. It also dries up oceans and covers up lands. Either of the two may happen. If it rains too much, the rain will flood all the land. If it gets too hot, the water will evaporate and every living thing except maybe cactus will die. Sea animals won’t have space to live if the ocean dries up. And living animals and plants on land are not safe, either. The land shrinks, confining plants and other living things to certain spaces.

Heat waves affect wildlife and plants, but one important thing we are missing out on is human beings. Ninety-seven percent of the water in the world is salt water, which means 3 percent of the world’s water is fresh water. Humans use fresh water for everything, such as drinking, showers, washing dishes, etc. If that 3 percent of fresh water evaporates, humans will have to live on sea water or filtered sea water, which will cost a lot of money. With these problems, humankind may go extinct.

We need to solve this problem to make sure that planetary warming doesn’t become worse. Here are some suggestions:

• Spend less time in the shower so that we can preserve water for drinking and crops.

• Use cars that run on batteries rather than gasoline. That way the air doesn’t get polluted or trapped in the atmosphere. At least 65 percent of the world should use electric cars.

• Recycle paper. If you throw paper in the garbage, it gets thrown into the landfills. Then it goes into the earth, making the soil and water for our crops go bad.

There are many reasons why climate change should be solved. This problem is super big. Some people think ignore the problem, it will go away. They are ostriches sticking their heads in the sand when they see predators coming. A problem won’t go away if you ignore it. You need to get up and face it.

Solve global warming!

Kavya Bhaskaran is a fifth-grader at Almond School.

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