Why I love humanities

Let me be completely honest: STEM is something I can appreciate, but it’s not really for me.

I enjoy calculus and physics – they are interesting concepts and topics for me – and I appreciate C++ and Java. But they don’t give me the same satisfaction or joy as history or English. Reading about the Compromise of 1850 intrigues me far more than limits in math, though that does not mean I don’t enjoy finding limits.

TechBridgers holds tech workshops for parents

Our club, TechBridgers, organizes Smartphones and Communications workshops in Mountain View and Los Altos schools to educate parents.

TechBridgers consists of Los Altos High School students. All of the workshops are offered in English and Spanish. The first one took place at Monta Loma Elementary School last December. To date, more than 70 parents, most of whom are Latino, have attended our workshops. Teaching parents how to access grades is a key component of our workshops.

LAHS Green Team gives thanks for meaningful Earth Week

The week of April 16-20 was the Los Altos High School Green Team’s annual Earth Week Celebration. It took place after six weeks of planning, thanks to our amazing under- and upperclassmen.

Bullis Charter 6th-grade girls compete at FIRST Championship in Houston

Courtesy of Anjuli Mehrotra
Members of Bullis Charter School’s #PandaPower robotics team and their parents celebrate the team’s success at a recent tournament. Pictured are, front row, from left: Anika Mehrotra, Kaya Rammohan, Gabrielle Chen and Aarthi Venkatraman. Back: Shishir Mehrotra, Sonali Rammohan, Stef Lau-Chen and Suresh Venkatraman.

We are #PandaPower, a robotics team of four Bullis Charter School sixth-grade girls who compete in the FIRST LEGO League. The team includes Aarthi Venkatraman, Anika Mehrotra, Gabrielle Chen and Kaya Rammohan. We recently qualified and will be competing in the FIRST Championship for three days in Houston, Texas, starting today (yea!).

BCS students use design thinking to solve real-world challenges

Bullis Charter School students Naomi Ichiriu, from left, Noah Kaufman, Caleb Chen and Andy Nilson collaboratively developed a hydroponics system under the guidance of teacher Mick Coleman to grow plants without soil. Courtesy of Stacey Walter

As seventh-graders at Bullis Charter School, we recently completed a three-week Engineering & Design Intersession (EDI) to solve real-world problems.

Our group chose to solve a problem presented by Bullis Charter School MakerSpace teacher Mick Coleman, which was to develop a hydroponics system to grow plants in a space-efficient manner in his classroom.

Millennials get a bum rap

They’re entitled. They’re self-centered. They’re lazy. They’re millennials. Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are the young adults of today, and they come shrouded in negative stereotypes.

With harsh critics of the generation ranging from high-profile political figures to everyday citizens, millennials are viewed as entitled and selfish. This is perhaps because of the influx of technology in their daily lives that has created a rift between generations: those who can use them, and those who can’t. But human nature is to resist change, so are millennials really that bad?

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