Eliminating litter: The importance of keeping a clean ocean

It is important not to litter. Do not throw trash into the ocean – it can be dangerous.

One reason you should not throw waste in the ocean is so that small animals do not get stuck in bottles. They can get fastened and grow into them. Once they get too big for the bottle, they become the shape of the bottle. Sometimes they die.

Another reason you should not throw garbage into the ocean is that bigger animals can get hurt. For example, whales eat krill, but if debris is floating by, there is a high possibility that the whale will eat it. If they do not get immediate help, they will die. We can help defenseless large animals survive by not littering.

A third reason we should not litter is because when we go jet-skiing, fishing or riding in boats with motors, junk can get stuck in the motors. Then we have to get the garbage out of the engines. We may spend the whole day doing that and have no fun at all.

Finally, humans can also fall sick because of trash in the ocean. Some algae or bacteria might grow on droppings; some humans might be allergic to the algae or bacteria. For example, when I was playing in the water, I started to get bumps and my skin felt itchy. So I immediately got out of the water.

Please keep all of us safe and do not litter.

These are four reasons you should not litter. There are many more, but to keep it simple, I gave you four. I hope in the future there will be no trash in the ocean.

Kavya Bhaskaran is a third-grader at Almond School.

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