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School funding in jeopardy

Karen Xia is a sixth-grade student at Oak School. She wrote the following persuasive essay as a class assignment.

The money that California’s schools are getting from the government is diminishing at an astonishing rate. The current school funding system has caused 6 million children in the state to have either improper or no education. If the case gets any worse, it could affect more and more students, and even other cases nationwide. Because of these reasons and many others, I believe schools should be funded more.

According to many experts in school districts, the current school funding system doesn’t have many positive effects, but instead, negative ones.

“The biggest concern for us as school districts is people are unaware of how severe the potential arts are for children,” said Ron Carruth, superintendent of the Whittier city school district in California.

People aren’t realizing how important some of the classes that are being cut actually are, and how much harm children are getting because there isn’t enough money for the school districts in the state.

“Because California is so significant, how this case turns out will probably affect other cases nationwide, ” said Molly Hunter, attorney with the New Jersey-based education law center.

So because California’s school funding system is so weak, many more people and even other states will be affected.

“Over the last 10 years, I have watched the educational opportunities for children diminish year by year by year,” said Patrick Godwin, superintendent of Folsom Cordova district. “This year, I had to propose doing away with middle-school electives, closing schools, closing libraries, eliminating the most basic of counseling services, just to balance the budget.”

Many people in school districts agree that the current California school funding system has caused many people to make unfortunate decisions where schools are concerned, even though they know the harm that their decisions will make.

Less money for schools has not only caused many children to have improper education, but it has also affected schools and students in many other ways. The future depends on today’s children; so, as a result, a good future depends on a good education. To have a good education, schools need enough money to support their budget so that they are able to give students all the knowledge they need, something children are not getting because of California’s current school funding.

The less money the schools receive, the more classes are cut. Children will start enjoying school less and less, because the classes that are cut are usually the ones that kids enjoy the most but are unnecessary, such as physical education or art class. Parents will be more willing to send their children off to school if they enjoy learning because of what they have done at school. But because of the classes that have been canceled, students may not enjoy school or learning as much as they could have.

The school funding system not only affects students, but it also affects teachers. Teachers are always worried about being laid off, or not getting enough money. This can cause them not to concentrate on what they’re teaching. Schools in California are not getting the money they need to support the budget, and it could even affect the world’s future.

The government is supplying less and less money for schools in the California school districts to support their budget; therefore, many unfortunate things have happened to schools and students in the state. Without the money needed for schools to meet the budget, 6 million students in California don’t have a proper education.

According to tests, only 5 percent of the state’s students rank proficient in English language arts. California’s fourth-graders are ranked 46th out of the 50 states in math, and the state’s eighth-graders rank 47th in reading.

Currently, the government only supplies 2 percent of California’s school budget, causing parents to supply the remaining 98 percent. Therefore, in districts where parents cannot supply the rest of the budget, schools barely have enough money to educate their students properly.

Because of the little money supplied by the government for schools in the state, it is extremely difficult to educate students to the standards set out in California law. As a result, the state requires 40 percent more funding to meet California’s state achievements, and is ranked 46th among states in per-student spending. The schools in the state are given little money to support their budgets. Improper school funding has caused many children to not have the education that they should have and need.

Because of all the negative effects that California’s school funding system has on the state’s schools, students and parents, I believe that schools should be given more money by the government. Experts not only agree on this, but it also helps the world’s future. The world’s future depends on today’s children, who depend on the knowledge that they get from school. Because of one change in the current California school funding system, children will grow older with a great school experience and knowledge that they need to lead a successful life.

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