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College specialist urges students to cultivate interests

Photo Elliott Burr/Town Crier

Rhonda Goldstone addresses a group of Partners for New Generations volunteers.

While many high school students ponder the significance of schoolwork and would rather sleep than solve quadratic equations, Foothill College Outreach Specialist Rhonda Goldstone assured students that there’s even a career path in that.

“Sometimes we think all our kids are interested in is sleeping,” Goldstone said. “But even with sleeping, I’d ask, ‘Why are you interested in that?’ There are sleep studies (students can learn to perform). There’s always something.”

Goldstone spoke April 7 to a group of Alta Vista High School students and their Partners for New Generations mentors, preaching that motivation is all about finding one true passion.

“The key to motivating students and getting them to motivate themselves to pursue college is to find something they’re interested in and show how it’s possible to use that interest to make money and align it with career paths,” she said.

Goldstone said that once students grab hold of something about which they are passionate, all of the other pieces fall into place.

“Once students understand the need to utilize math skills (for instance) in whatever it is,” she said, “their grades go up when they realize it’s not pointless. The goal is to hook them on an interest and get them to discover other disciplines as well.”

Goldstone joined Brother to Brother President Kenneth Duckworth and Sister to Sister President Ashley Oropeza to encourage students to pursue a college education.

Partners for New Generations, a local non-profit, provides mentors and tutors for students.

For more information, call Goldstone at 949-7353 or visit www.partnersfornewgenerations.org.

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