History comes to life at St. Simon Parish School

Christine Moore/Special to the Town Crier
St. Simon Parish School students Claire Provencher, left, dresses as astronaut Sally Ride and Caitlin Lee as Leonardo da Vinci for the school’s recent “living” Wax Museum exhibition.

Marie Curie, Alexander Hamilton, Betsy Ross, Elon Musk, two Abraham Lincolns and more than 30 other historical heroes all attended St. Simon Parish School’s “living” Wax Museum exhibition May 9.

The event enabled the school’s third-graders to showcase their knowledge of history’s trailblazers.

The annual Wax Museum project involves major preparation on the part of students and teachers. Students read biographies, wrote reports, created informational poster boards and memorized key facts about their chosen hero’s life.

“There are weeks of build-up to this event,” said St. Simon third-grade teacher Whitney Ehreton the day of the exhibition. “I am really proud of the research and writing they completed to get them to today. They have each done so well today with their public speaking and presentation skills. It is a lot of information for each student to memorize.”

According to fellow third-grade teacher Nicola Keating, in the days leading up to the event, each student presents his or her findings in front of the class.

“By the time this day comes, our students know not only a great deal about their chosen hero, but about many important figures,” she said.

Students arrived at school on the day of the event in costume and transformed the school’s gymnasium into a museum. At each station, students set up their poster boards, displayed relevant artifacts and took their place on stools ready to welcome visitors.

Cami Langub chose Amelia Earhart as her hero and shared the most up-to-date information about the pioneering female pilot.

“Amelia Earhart’s bones were only recently found,” she said.

“I’ve wanted to be Sally Ride since second grade,” said Claire Provencher, who confidently delivered her list of facts about the astronaut’s life.

Kaden Magallanes decided to be Thomas Edison for the day.

“I agree with his quote when he said, ‘Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration,’” Kaden said during a brief moment out of character.

Zoe Pham embodied Helen Keller for the day.

“I wanted to share the story of a person who couldn’t see or hear but who still graduated college,” Zoe said.

Anja Sheerer, who has attended past Wax Museum events at the school, met the day with anticipation. Her portrayal of one of the event’s two Julia Childs was spot-on – right down to capturing the famous chef’s voice and wielding a meat tenderizing tool.

“I’ve been waiting for this day all my life,” she said.

Stratton Smith portrayed President Theodore Roosevelt.

“I think I look really authentic,” Stratton said.

Annabel Moore said she was “happy” to have the opportunity to tell everyone about the importance of the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur.

“Because of their determination, we can fly anywhere,” she said.

Between parent visitors to the campus and students from other grades walking through the museum, the heroes collectively spoke to approximately 400 guests.

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