Gun control is not enough to stop school shootings

Feb. 14, gunman Nikolas Cruz walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., and opened fire. He killed 17 people, wounded 14 and set in motion a movement that would consume the minds of an entire nation. He sparked a movement for gun control, as evidenced by March 24’s nationwide March for Our Lives.

Many people think that taking guns out of the equation will prevent school shootings from happening. But it has more to do with the guy holding the gun than the gun itself. Would-be gunmen could still use other weapons, like a car to bulldoze through a school.

Kids who become gunmen usually have had a tough upbringing and reflect the general mood of the environment they live in. To solve this problem, we need to find a way for teachers to spot kids who may have a potential to harm others. After that, instead of suspending or expelling someone, make them go through intense therapy to help kids become normal and a part of society. Instead of making a person feel bad by suspending or expelling them, try to make them feel wanted. After all, no sane person kills another person. They might have been bullied or abused and might do a mass shooting just to take out their frustration.

Gun control will not totally solve the problem, as criminals will still find a way to get the gun illegally. A federal study found that the percentage of gun crimes committed with legal guns is still 30 percent. Instead, impose higher fines and greater enforcement for people stealing or illegally taking a gun.

In conclusion, I think gun control is just part of the solution; we may want to leverage current tools and mechanisms to stop school mass shootings – providing kids a better nurturing environment at school and at home combined with better enforcement of existing gun control laws.

Rishahb Varshney is a seventh-grader at Blach Intermediate School.

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