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Candidates raise funds for city/school races: City and LASD campaigns release finance reports

Photo By: Ellie Van Houtte/Town Crier
Photo Ellie Van Houtte/Town Crier Campaign funding goes toward myriad items, from newspaper ads to campaign yard signs and mailers.

The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters last week released campaign finance reports for candidates running for office in the Nov. 6 election.

All candidates reported monetary and nonmonetary contributions, as well as their top five campaign donors through Sept. 30.

Los Altos City Council race

• Jon Baer is the lone candidate who has not loaned personal money to his campaign. Baer reported $12,948.40 in total contributions, including $8,894 in cash donations. Baer’s top five contributors: Donna Shoemaker ($2,500), the California Real Estate Political Action Committee ($1,000), Councilman Ron Packard ($500) and his brothers Lon Packard ($500) and Von Packard ($500).

• Jeannie Bruins reported a total of $7,932 in total contributions, which includes a $2,000 loan she made to her campaign and $4,746 in monetary contributions. Bruins’ top five contributors: the California Real Estate Political Action Committee ($1,000), Los Altos venture capitalist Richard Magnuson ($1,000), Barry Bruins ($350), John Elms ($250) and Los Altos residents Gary Hedden and Dennis Young ($200 each).

• Anabel Pelham listed a total of $8,436 in contributions, including a $3,100 loan she made to the campaign. Pelham lists $5,336 in cash and nothing in nonmonetary contributions. Pelham’s top five contributors: Los Altos residents Abby King ($500), Claudia Coleman ($250) and Jim McCabe of Eldercare Resources ($250). Los Altos residents Robert Lee and Gary Hedden, as well as Sunnyvale resident JoAnna Schmid and Washington, D.C., resident James Appleby each made contributions of $200 to her campaign.

• Jan Pepper raised the most cash among the candidates, $9,147, towards a total of $15,737 funds raised. Pepper loaned her campaign $4,000, while receiving $2,590.37 in nonmonetary contributions. Pepper’s top five contributors: Los Altos resident Cathy Lazarus ($750), Democratic Activists for Women Now ($400) and entrepreneur Gary Kremmen ($350). Pepper lists seven cash contributions of $250 from Los Altos residents Janet Harding, Claudia Coleman, Emily Thurber, Jeff Byron and Patricia Castro, as well as Sunnyvale resident Dianne McKenna and San Jose resident Donald Pepper.

• Megan Satterlee, the race’s lone incumbent, listed $18,914.40 in total contributions, including a $10,182 loan she made to her campaign. Satterlee raised $7,566.95 in cash and received $1,165.45 in nonmonetary contributions. Satterlee’s top five contributors: Councilman Ron Packard ($1,000), the California Real Estate Political Action Committee ($1,000) and Los Altos Mayor Val Carpenter ($660.95). Satterlee received three $500 contributions from Lon Packard, Von Packard and Palo Alto resident Mark Beckstead.

• Jerry Sorensen raised the least in cash among the six candidates with $4,072. Sorensen reported $14,697 in total contributions, which includes a $7,000 loan from his family trust to his campaign and $3,625 in nonmonetary donations. Sorensen’s top contributors: Los Altos resident David Auerbach ($1,000), former Los Altos Mayor/Councilman Bob Grimm ($500), Dennis Brown ($500), Los Altos Hills resident Diana Huffman ($500), and East Palo Alto resident Michael Connor and Los Altos attorney Alexander Myers ($250 each).

Los Altos School District Board of Trustees race

• Amanda Burke-Aaronson reported the most funds among the four candidates, with $10,916. She raised $9,916 in monetary donations and loaned her campaign $1,000. Burke-Aaronson’s top contributors: Los Altos resident Susan Berry ($1,000) and 10 donations of $500 from Christine DiBona, Buffy Poon, Lenora Teng, Susan Goldman, Kathleen Justice-Moore, Joan Mellea, incoming Los Altos Hills Councilwoman Courtenay Corrigan, Donna Young, Bullis Charter School board member Anne Marie Gallagher and David Beyer.

• Vladimir Ivanovic raised a total of $525. He loaned himself $150, received a $500 donation from Los Altos Hills resident Heather Rose and donated $25 to his campaign.

• Pablo Luther raised a total of $5,200. He loaned himself $2,000 for the campaign and contributed $2,000 in nonmonetary contributions. He received $1,200 in cash donations, with $1,000 coming from campaign financial manager and former Los Altos Mayor Bob Grimm.

• Steve Taglio raised a total of approximately $4,000. He self-funded his campaign with no outside cash donations.

Editor's Note: This article was corrected to remove inaccurate information. It mischaracterized one donor.

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