Candidates for Los Altos City Council weigh in on controversial Measure C

In conjunction with Monday’s Los Altos City Council Candidates Forum (see preview story below), the Town Crier is running a series of questions for each of the five candidates to answer.

This week’s question focuses on Measure C, the Nov. 6 ballot item that would require voter approval of any new lease or sale of city-owned property larger than 7,500 square feet.

What is your position on Measure C and why?

Nancy Bremeau: Measure C is an expensive overreach to stop smart, thoughtful improvements to our downtown and civic center. Our parks and public lands have never been in danger of being sold, repurposed or misused by our city. Measure C would also limit our city’s ability to offer community-based amenities by partnering with nonprofit organizations.

Anita Enander: I support Measure C because it gives residents the ultimate decision on whether our existing parks and other city-owned land remain for the enjoyment of our citizens and future generations or are sold or leased for private purposes.

Neysa Fligor: I oppose. As past Parks and Recreation Commission chair, protecting parks and open space is essential. It overreaches, requiring voter approval of city land leases, including with entities providing core services. Fire station and library lease renewals may require elections and downtown vibrancy hampered. Its vagueness will cause costly litigation.

Jean Mordo (incumbent): I am against Measure C because it takes away the ability for the city to use its own assets in the best way to benefit the residents. The Downtown Vision unanimously adopted by the council preserves the low-rise village by activating the plazas. Measure C makes it all but impossible.

Teresa Morris: I am in support of Measure C. My reasons are simple. It is a straightforward measure that puts final decisions about what happens to open space, parks, public and institutional lands, and new (only new) long-term leases directly into the hands of the voters. No shenanigans with Measure C.

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