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'Hello From Heaven' explores after death communication

Along the Spiritual Path

Christians love to tell about the recorded appearances of Jesus to his disciples after his death, and how their lives were completely changed. We are more reluctant to tell our own stories of messages from ordinary people who have died, and their effects.

Bill Guggenheim distinctly heard a voice calmly say "Go outside and check the swimming pool." Puzzled, he went to investigate and found his youngest son, less than 2 years old, floating in the water. The dramatic life-saving warning was just one incident in a chain of events which led to seven years of research by Bill, and his wife Judy, into specific phenomena they came to call After-Death Communication. The resulting Bantam book, "Hello From Heaven," may be a wake-up call for its readers.

Their research from 3,300 firsthand accounts showed that the contact was always for a specific purpose. There were many incidents of children and adults who had died suddenly, or accidentally, coming back to let their family know that they were alive and happy in a wonderful new phase of life.

Other messages were about some action they wanted the recipient to take. Many are touching, one made me laugh. A widower felt his recently deceased wife beside him. She said "Clean up the house - now." As he finished doing that the door bell rang. Three of her sorority sisters had come to visit him.

Many incidents helped people find lost documents or led them to discover items they hadn't known about. Other reports were of intervention either to prevent an accident, or a potential suicide. Some messages were received before news of the death was even known. Others came years after the death.

One father appeared to his daughter, five years after dying of acute alcoholism, to apologize for the abuse and incest he had inflicted. The authors state "No one, regardless of the cruelty or malicious crimes they committed on earth, is ever forgotten or forsaken." We are helped to learn from our earthly mistakes, take responsibility for them, and move on to new levels of love.

Another deceased father, a wealthy and powerful man in this life, told his daughter "It's not what you have but what you do with your life. The only thing that matters is love."

Many people reported that they were transformed emotionally and spiritually by their contact from the next world. Also, their attitude towards this life's purpose was changed. The authors claim that there are far reaching social and spiritual implications from their research. I agree.

Polata is a member of Foothills Congreational Church in Los Altos.

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