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Letters to the Editor

Take a bow for Los Altos Live!

I am writing to thank the Town Crier for its significant support in the promotion and production of the area’s “Los Altos Live!” talent show, which my wife and I attended at Los Altos High School’s beautiful Eagle Theater April 2. We felt that the evening provided the most fun to be found on the Peninsula for $20!

We were treated to a wonderful succession of talented performers with ages ranging from 7 to the mid-80s. We enjoyed violinists, guitarists, pianists, a juggler, dancers, singers and just about every conceivable variety of entertainer. All were received with delighted enthusiasm by a receptive audience almost filling the auditorium.

We would like to be able to comment individually on every performer, but space will not allow us to do that. We must, however, comment on the way in which mistress of ceremonies Cristy Dawson made the entire show move along smoothly and with much laughter as she brought the stagehands into the show between acts along with the performers. Her delightful sense of humor had the audience in a laughing mode whenever she was on stage. Ms. Dawson is vice principal at Los Altos High School, giving us the feeling that daily life at the school must surely be a bundle of laughs. OK, students – just kidding!

Betty and Alan Dale


ECH board response PR ‘nonsense’

In his March 30 letter to the editor (“ECH board chairman defends CEO dismissal”), Wesley Alles, chairman of the board of directors of El Camino Hospital, writes the usual public-relations nonsense. And that is understandable, because the board does not want to divulge the real reasons behind CEO Ken Graham’s departure. So, we are left to speculate.

To aid your readers, I would like to point out the four common reasons for getting rid of a CEO: incompetence, embezzlement, sexual harassment and personality differences. Eliminate those you think are not likely and you can zero in on a possible reason.

Dinesh Desai

Los Altos

Seniors: Vote No on Measure E

As a senior citizen in Los Altos, I oppose the Measure E parcel tax and will not vote for it on principle, even though I may apply annually for an exemption. The proposed 32 percent increase is flawed. It only postpones long overdue reforms in the Los Altos School District. I urge fellow senior citizens to vote No.

The school district has not made clear how this huge increase will be used.

The district’s primary funding source, our property taxes, has increased nearly 9 percent annually, while student enrollment is flat.

Home values may decline as higher taxes disqualify potential buyers.

Higher spending does not translate directly into higher performance. Class size is not necessarily as important as it appears.

I came from Taiwan, where 45-50 students per class is the norm, yet academic achievements there are similar, if not better. Bill Gates says students perform better in a larger class if better teachers teach them.

Teachers in the Los Altos School District are guaranteed lifetime employment after only two years, while expensive poor performers cannot be fired. The district must reform these overly generous giveaways to the unions.

The Los Altos School District needs to manage within its budget, just like the rest of us.

Seniors: Vote No on Measure E!

Tzejen Lee

Los Altos

Kudos to maintenance crew

I compliment the crew who has been replacing the pipes on our street.

They have been extremely ca-

pable, professional and accommodating. Our street has been crowded with huge machines, yet the crew has always made it possible for us to get in and out of our garage.

We did lose mail delivery one day, but that was not the fault of the workers. They did a good job.

Dorothy Grenbeaux

Los Altos

Thanks for library coverage

I wish to thank the Los Altos Town Crier for such a well-written and informative article (“Book Buddies,” April 6) about Friends of the Los Altos Library. The article gave a good overview of the activities of the Friends, and how they support the library’s operations��and programs.

In addition, I wish to thank the Town Crier for bringing some visibility to the traffic issues around the library. The Los Altos Library Commission has been concerned about these issues for some time, and began to work on traffic in earnest this year.

The Town Crier has always been supportive of the library and its place in the community. For this I thank you very much.

Darwin Poulos, president, Friends of the Los Altos

Library and Los Altos Library Commissioner

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