Letters to the Editor

Council: See impact of Blach traffic decision

Blach Junior High School recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. I would venture that most homeowners on Carmel Terrace and the surrounding streets purchased their homes with full knowledge of their proximity to Blach.

The Los Altos City Council has breached all semblance of open government by conducting the hearings to close Carmel Terrace in July, when the Blach faculty was absent. I would like to know whether Blach faculty were apprised of this summertime meeting and whether they had a chance to weigh in. This looks like government by subterfuge.

The resultant congestion on Covington is becoming dangerous. The amount of traffic on Covington, Grant and Miramonte is now significant.

At a minimum, I urge the city council to provide Blach faculty and staff with parking permits immediately. They deserve this much. I also urge the council to visit Covington Road at 7:55 a.m. Councilmembers must see and feel the impact of their decision.

Elizabeth Stern

Los Altos

Local restaurants should add vegan options

This letter is in response to Davy Davidson’s letter to the editor (“Los Altos needs green restaurants,” March 23).

I whole heartedly agree with Ms. Davidson that Los Altos needs a vegan restaurant. I have lived in Los Altos for more than eight years, and the restaurants here have always lacked vegan options. A vegan lifestyle is good for us, the animals (which would otherwise be subjected to cruelty and ultimately death) and the planet. If not a pure vegan restaurant, at the very least the current restaurants should consider including more tasty vegan meal options.

I have to travel to Palo Alto, Mountain View and San Jose to find restaurants that are vegan friendly, but I would prefer to support the local Los Altos restaurants.

Jennifer Knapp

Los Altos

Put roof on Hillview, prioritize education

Years ago, children were considered our most important priority. The reason our school districts don’t line up with city boundaries is that the schools came first.

Local communities have little control if the state chooses to cut access to the University of California, San Jose State and the community colleges. But we really do have control of local government. It’s unconscionable to fire teachers – and even teachers’ aides – while planning a multimillion dollar community center.

Just say no. Restore traditional funding priorities and put a roof on Hillview School.

Stephanie Muñoz

Los Altos Hills

Why council delay on Higgins traffic calming?

I live on Higgins Avenue. On the morning of March 24, I heard a car crash. The second accident in one month occurred at the intersection of Higgins and El Monte. Fortunately, no one appeared hurt – this time.

A month ago, residents of Los Altos weren’t so lucky. A driver turning onto Higgins from El Monte hit a pedestrian.

Both accidents occurred when the roads were dry. Both accidents probably could have been avoided if the Los Altos City Council followed through on the request for traffic calming on Higgins. They have yet to take any action.

What is the city council’s plan now? Ignore the accidents? Higgins Avenue residents followed the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program that the city council designed and adopted. We chose the traffic-calming option, for which the street met all criteria. At the Dec. 8 council meeting, the council took no action for fear of “precedence setting.” There are 24 cul-de-sacs within one square mile of Higgins Avenue. They proposed to look at other alternatives.

It has been almost four months. Higgins residents have yet to hear from the city council.

Traffic calming on Higgins needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, and hopefully before someone else is hurt.

Caterina Mayer

Los Altos

Water rates gouge into income

I’ve been retired for some time now, so I fall into that “fixed income” bracket. These 50 percent Purissima Hills Water District increases and tiered pricing schemes really hurt. Between PG&E and Purissima Hills, I can kiss 30 percent to 40 percent of my before-tax income goodbye.

Is this a great country or what?

W. Scott Bryan

Los Altos Hills

A seven-step plan for Purissima Hills

Diane Brauch’s tongue-in-cheek conclusion (March 17 letters) that we in Los Altos Hills “should all use more water to avoid a big price increase” illustrates how questionable leadership can promote creative thinking. The Purissima Hills Water District Board should have considered the messages it would send when making the rate decision.

I suggest the following alternative actions to the nutty, recently adopted rate structure.

1. Identify and reverse the management policies that got us into the mess we’re in, and tap into reserves to cover the costs of fixing them.

2. Do more with less – find ways to reduce our fixed costs to be in line with neighboring communities.

3. Reduce overhead by reducing bloated salaries – tough times require tough choices.

4. Research, find, and procure alternative, pure water supplies.

5. Stand up to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and fight for those you represent.

7. Immediately roll back our water fees to their already “highest water rates in the state” level.

Joseph Kleitman

Los Altos Hills

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