In the Aug. 26, 1970 issue, the Town Crier noted the death of famed sculptor Beniamino "Benny" Bufano of San Francisco and recalled his visit in 1963 to Bullis School in Los Altos Hills.

Bufano came for the presentation and unveiling of his massive artwork, "The Bear," which was presented to the school district by the parents of children attending Bullis and Purissima schools.

This touchable sculpture, standing approximately 10 feet high and measuring approximately eight feet from tip of snout to tail end, can still be seen driving by Bullis School on Fremont Road in Los Altos Hills.

For the third year in a row the Fremont Hills advanced Junior Wrightman Cup Tennis team captured the Northern California championship.

Four hundred girls from Northern California participated in the tournament. Ages in the division ranged from 14 to 18. There was also a novice team of girls under 14.

"Fairtime is Funtime" was the theme of the 26th annual Santa Clara County Fair which ended Aug. 23, 1970.

Many local residents, students and 4-H Club members came home from the fair loaded down with ribbons, prizes and other awards. Molinari Sons of Mountain View collected a total of 68 first, second and third place ribbons in the agriculture division.

50 years ago in the Los Altos News

August 14, 1945 -VJ Day - was celebrated quietly in Los Altos, according to the Los Altos News. Most of the stores were closed for at least one day. Some of the local churches held brief services. By evening, though, there was a general exuberance with sirens wailing and horns blowing.

The news story stated the following day, Wednesday, was the quietest day the town had seen in years."

With the abolishment of gasoline rationing, many local citizens used the occasion to visit nearby parts of the county they had not seen in four years.

Work started in August 1945 toward demolition of the elementary school auditorium in order to provide added space for fall classes. The auditorium was closed five years earlier because it did not meet earthquake safety requirements.

Stamp collectors anticipated the issuance of a new two-cent stamp on Aug. 25, 1945, the start of memorial series honoring President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Libby, McNeill and Libby in Sunnyvale, advertised for men, women and minors over 16 years of age to work packing peaches, pears and fruit cocktails.

They offered five cents per hour differential pay for night work and promised overtime after eight hours per day. The heavy canning season lasted until Oct. 6.

Researched by Ellen Shaw of the Los Altos History House Association.

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