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A look at state, county initiatives and DA race

Proposition 81 Library improvements

If passed, Proposition 81 would enable the state to sell $600 million in bonds for the construction and renovation of local libraries. State general fund revenues, primarily personal and corporate income taxes and state sales taxes, would be used to pay the cost. The annual cost to an average California resident would be approximately $2, according to supporters of the measure.

Proposition 82 Publicly funded preschool

Proposition 82 would create a new, publicly funded voluntary preschool program for children. The measure, expected to cost more than $2 billion annually, would be funded by a 1.7 percent tax on incomes of individuals who earn more than $400,000 annually. Proponents say that preschool jump-starts successful learning. Opponents call it an expensive bureaucratic addition to the school system.

Measure B State parks funding

This measure does not increase taxes; rather, it approves the continued use of county general funds for public park development and maintenance. Measure B requests a 12-year extension of the funding availability. Since 1972, .014 of every $100 of assessed value has been available for parks funding. A homeowner with an assessed value of $800,000 pays about $113


District attorney race

The district attorney is the county public official who directs the government's prosecution of criminals. There are no term limits to the office, and outgoing DA George Kennedy has served 16 years. All four candidates have logged significant time in the DA's office. Three are DA assistants, and one is a Superior Court judge.

Mark Buller, an assistant district attorney, has 20 years of experience as a Santa Clara County prosecutor and lists crime prevention and community partnerships as priorities.

Karyn Sinunu, chief deputy under Kennedy, has been spokeswoman for the DA and lists public safety, technological innovations in prosecution and integrity in the DA's office as priorities.

Deputy DA Jim Shore has served as president of the California Prosecutor's Association and the Santa Clara Country Government Attorney's Association. He prioritized youth intervention, ethical management of the DA's office and passage of Jessica's Law, a sex predator deterrent, in his campaign statements.

Dolores A. Carr worked 15 years as a DA and five years as a private attorney before her election to the Superior Court bench in 2000. The supervising judge of the Family Division, Carr listed as priorities community trust and feedback, and collaboration with law enforcement, the defense bar and the court system.

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