LAH tests 'no turn' signs to curb cut-throughs

During Los Altos Hills’ ongoing crusade against cut-through commuter traffic, the town has tried installing new street signs, ramping up law enforcement and even appealing to reps from the navigation apps that suggest local streets as shortcuts.

No turn signs
Courtesy of the town of Los Altos Hills
A map shows where Los Altos Hills officials plan to install new “no turn” signs to combat afternoon cut-through commuter traffic.

None of those measures, however, has effectively stemmed the tide of vehicles – at least not to residents’ satisfaction. It’s time to advance one step further, Los Altos Hills City Council members decided. They voted unanimously at Thursday’s council meeting to test new signs explicitly restricting turns at key commuter intersections during peak traffic hours.

Public Arts Commissioners vent to council over failed master plan

Town Crier File Photo
The public art sculpture “Conversation Peace” graces the corner of First and Main streets in downtown Los Altos. The city’s Public Arts Commission selects and recommends outdoor sculptures for council approval.

Public Arts Commissioner Nancy Ellickson described last week how she felt when the Los Altos City Council decided not to adopt the Public Art Master Plan last November: It was like getting slapped in the face with a wet fish.

At a Feb. 13 joint meeting with the council, Public Arts Commissioners expressed their disappointment and frustration over the failed master plan and chalked it up as betrayal.

LA council passes on business district, argues over logo

Last week’s Los Altos City Council meeting was one of no action when it came to a business improvement district and a new city logo.

Representatives from the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce, the Los Altos Village Association and Los Altos Property Owners Downtown gathered Feb. 13 to urge the council to allocate $10,000 for a business improvement district (BID) feasibility study.

MV council seeks feedback on cannabis

The Mountain View City Council is studying updates to city code to permit commercial cannabis activity.

The council is interested in allowing and regulating retail uses. The proposal to update the code is a response to California voters’ approval of Proposition 64 in 2016, which legalized adult-use cannabis in the state. Currently, both medicinal and adult-use commercial cannabis activities are illegal in Mountain View.

Q&A: How would a unique ZIP code affect delivery routes, safety in LAH?

Megan V. Winslow/Town Crier
Los Altos Hills City Councilman Gary Waldeck hosts an informational session for residents Jan. 30 at town hall, an effort designed to drum up support for a dedicated ZIP code for the town.

In anticipation of a potential townwide survey to determine whether Los Altos Hills residents desire a unique ZIP code for their town, Councilman Gary Waldeck is drumming up support for the proposal by hosting free informational sessions.

The first such meeting took place Jan. 30 and attracted approximately 25 attendees who posed questions to Waldeck and Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Rich Urena. A second meeting is scheduled 6-8 p.m. Feb. 27 in the town council chambers, 26379 W. Fremont Road.

LAH council throttles proposed leaf-blower ban

One could almost feel sorry for the electric leaf blower – or at least the worker wielding it.

Los Altos Hills City Council members watched as the man in the video shuffled along the road, half-heartedly propelling puffs of debris. A second worker with a gas-powered blower suddenly enters the frame, and the machine’s deep hum absorbs the electric version’s high-pitched whine. The second man is purposeful in his movements, and he deftly shepherds a mini cyclone of leaves and dirt – everything the electric version missed – past the competition.

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