Quarry Hills project OK worth the wait

Twelve years seems a bit much for a project approval, but then again, Quarry Hills isn't your average housing development. This is a project, after all, that went from 78 homes down to 23 in the final OK from Los Altos Hills last month. But the results were surely worth the wait.

The environmental improvements to the 78-acre project, to be located between El Monte and Magdalena avenues, included the continued public use of open space. A non-connecting street through the middle of project, Stonebrook Drive, addressed traffic concerns.

As far as the town, neighbors and developer are concerned, all major issues have been addressed. Even developer John Vidovich admitted the project was probably better off with all the town's tinkering.

The only aspect that remains to be seen is whether water will return to Hale Creek after Vidovich dammed the former Neary Quarry to create a lake for the subdivision.

Town officials are predicting water will start running over a spillway by the end of spring and return to the creek.

Despite Vidovich's obvious frustration with the handling of his project, it appears the town of Los Altos Hills was diligent in making sure things were in order.

It should also be noted that no one raised a hand in opposition by the time of the council's final approval. That speaks for a project that is fair to all concerned.

Acts of kindness popular with Los Altans

What to make of the recent Random Acts of Kindness Week? It appears that, judging by the myriad activities happening Feb. 10-16, being kind is popular.

The City of Los Altos issued a proclamation. The city and the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce promoted little cards that residents could give to merchants thanking them for outstanding service. The Los Altos Homeowners League made a special mailing to spread the word about acts of kindness and the "AOK" cards. Local school children participated in class projects documenting acts of kindness. The local garbage company used the week to kick off its free weekend clean-up of garbage toters.

The public response to the AOK concept serves as a comforting reminder that most people are good at heart. Some of us need a vehicle like Acts of Kindness to bring that goodness out. It worked rather well.

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