Preview: Grandparents find tools to build, deepen connection to kin

Eliza Ridgeway/Town Crier
Los Altos resident Enid Davis honed her storytelling skills as a children’s librarian and a grandmother. She teaches local seniors to confidently share beloved stories, with a minimum of memorization required.

The elder storyteller has an image - village rememberer, family entertainer, perhaps even the picture book "quiet old lady, whispering, Hush." The idea of storytelling is simple - sharing a narrative without the benefit of notes.

But tale-tellers are often made, not born. Los Altos resident Enid Davis has been teaching local seniors how to become a storyteller for one’s own grandchildren.

Painting the town: Artist captures local history on canvas

Megan V. Winslow/Town Crier
Mountain View artist Robert Schick frequents venues like the Cuesta Park Annex to create plein air paintings featuring natural landscapes.


Mountain View artist Robert C. Schick has spent much of the past two decades on a mission: to call attention to the beauty and historical value of the area, as well as to preserve it on canvas.

Mary Poppins for the modern age: Local families culturally connect through au pair exchange

courtesy of cultural care Au Pair and the Vallaeys Family
Laurene Bristot of France, above, serves as au pair for the Vallaeys family of Los Altos.

With newborn twin sons, Alaleh Nouri’s career as executive for a medical device company and her husband Bahman’s work as an interventional cardiologist, the Nouris had a lot on their plate - but Bahman had one further worry: "We’ll probably have to buy a TV."

Would Isabel, the family’s new au pair, arriving from Mexico shortly after their sons were born, find the Los Altos Hills family’s television-free lifestyle boring? How much would they need to change their habits and home to accommodate her preferences?

Spring cleaning: It’s time for gardeners to get busy

Megan V. Winslow/Town Crier
Vince Zunino planted his Los Altos Hills garden with mustard as a winter cover crop.


Early spring is considered the ideal time to start a backyard garden. While the thought of growing vegetables and herbs may be intimidating to some,

Spring into action: Local events herald the new season

Town Crier File Photo
Children ages 1-10 are invited to hunt for candy-filled eggs at the annual downtown Los Altos Easter Egg Hunt April 8.

As winter transitions into spring, a host of events welcome the new season - from Easter egg hunts to parades. A list of local family-friendly events follows.

Breaking out in hives: Los Altos beekeeper Kendal Sager shares her love of bees with local families

Megan V. Winslow/Town Crier
Elizabeth Hamblin, left, and beekeeper Kendal Sager get ready to care for the beehive in the Hamblins’ backyard in Los Altos.


Kendal Sager is sweet on bees. Not only does she keep hives and reap the rewards by selling their honey, she also is a strong advocate for bees.

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