Tour of public sculptures in Los Altos

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Ellie Van Houtte/Town Crier
“Space Dance for Peace” (1986), Mircea Paul Goreniuc at Lincoln Park in Los Altos.

Following is a list of Los Altos’ public sculptures, their artists and their dates of installation.

In or near downtown
“Walter Singer Bust” (1993), Ingrid Jackson-MacDonald
    Community Plaza
    Corner of Main and State streets
“Jasper Priestess” (2011), Damien Jones
    Corner of Main and Second streets
“Redwood Prayer” (2011), Rick Waltonsmith
    Corner of Main and Third streets
“African Tree” (2011), Rick Waltonsmith
    Corner of Main and Third streets
“Danseuse” (2011), Jeff Owen
    Corner of State and Second streets
“Will You Dance with Me?” (2013), Ed Hart
    Corner of State and Second streets
“Torso 3” (2012), James Hill
    Corner of State and Third streets
“The Guardian” (2013), Karen Cauvin Eustis
    Corner of State and Third streets
“Dancing Heron” (2011), Pat Payne
    Corner of Edith and Los Altos avenues
“Olympic Wannabes” (2000), Glenna Goodacre
    Village Park

In or near civic center
“Diamond Jubilee” (1988), Taro
    Los Altos City Hall
    1 N. San Antonio Road
“Australian Cattle Dog” (1991), Anne Wienholt
    Los Altos Youth Center
    1 N. San Antonio Road
“Dancing Man” (2008), James Moore
    Hillview Community Center
    97 Hillview Ave.
“Smoke” (1997), Steve Bartlett
    Sequoia Fire Station
    10 Almond Ave.
“Dragonfly” (2013), Tammy Bickel
    Rosita Park
    401 Rosita Ave.

Los Altos main library
“ZooScapes” (1997), Maggie Kornman
“Magic Fish” (1994), Hardy Jones
“Seal Head” (date unknown), Anne Wienholt

Lincoln Park
“Imagine That” (1992), Tony Williams
“Space Dance for Peace” (1986), Mircea Paul Goreniuc
“Musical Gambol” (1991), Robert Clements
“Bird” (2013), Riis Burwell

Redwood Grove/Shoup Park
“By the Sea” (2013), Jane Reyes
    Redwood Grove
“Egrets” (1994), Zygmund Sazezich
    Shoup Park
“Veteran’s Memorial – Cradle of Liberty” (1998),
Rebecca Jay Truman
    Shoup Park

South Los Altos
“Pax Nova” (date unknown),
Bill Iaculla
    McKenzie Park
    707 Fremont Ave.
“CT-27” (2012), Richard Starks
    Heritage Oaks Park
    1305 McKenzie Ave.
Replica of Auguste Rodin’s
“The Thinker” (2012)
    Woodland Library
    1975 Grant Road
“Convolute of the Square” (1989), Taro Seesurat
    Corner of Fremont and Grant roads
“Dancers” (2004), Michele M. Alcantara
    Corner of Grant Road and St. Joseph Avenue

– Los Altos Public Arts Commission

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