The Haunted Piano


October 31, 1968:

The Kitten


As lightning struck nearby, it illuminated a scared little kitten cowering in the dark. “Crash, bam” came the noise from outside as a large thunderclap struck, and the little kitten jumped in fright. The lightning came again, briefly lighting up the room, but just long enough for the kitten to see a dark shape looming above her. The small tabby kitten scrambled into a corner and hid there for the rest of the night. Little did the little kitten know that her life was about to change …

The Pit of Death


“Ahhhhhhhh,” the kids yelled.

The Old Witch


There was once an old witch who lived in a cottage. That old witch collected children. One day the mean old witch went to a town called Silinberg. The first place the witch stopped was at the orphanage. There were always so many children nice and naughty. In that orphanage there was a girl named Eleanor.

Friday the 13th


It was a cold Halloween night, and the sun had just set. Ten-year-old Victoria was out trick-or-treating all by herself. Her 7-year-old brother was at his soccer game, her mom was out for dinner, and her dad was on a business trip in Japan. Her brother had begged to come with her, but his teammates needed him. He kicked and screamed, but her mom didn’t change her mind.



There’s a house on the corner of Hallowville Street.

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