The Black Cat

Once, there was a black cat. The cat’s name was Fluffy. Everyone had always adored her, and had pet her, although she didn’t have an owner. She was all alone.

One night, Fluffy was on a walk enjoying her Halloween night. This was one of her favorite times of the year because everyone was walking around, so she got petted a lot.

Lake Friends

I sat at the edge of our family lake, watching the way the wind made white foamy waves that crashed into the rocks at my feet.

I closed the book in my hands, and wished that Mom and Dad didn’t have to make us visit our stuffy old cabin in the countryside for fall break every year. I’m sure that Johnny and David were already doing fun things together back in town.

The Pond

I had begged and begged her, but she wouldn’t listen. I still feel like it was my fault. I could have held onto her. I should have held onto her. But no, I just stood there and watched her disappear.

Creepy Pumpkins

pumpkins” width=
Iris Cooper-Page/Special to the Town Crier
”Creepy Pumpkins”

On Halloween night, creepy pumpkins went out.

Man of Straw

David stood out in the corn field, looking toward the setting sun. He sighed heavily and leaned against the wooden pole propping up the scarecrow he’d made just last week on his 11th birthday. It worked perfectly, but he found he missed seeing birds flying past the farmhouse. Or rabbits, or foxes, or any living thing, really.


It was Halloween when the curse struck.

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