Doctor Noize aims to introduce children to opera

Photo By: Courtesy of Doctor Noize
Photo Courtesy Of Doctor Noize

Doctor Noize, also known as Los Altos native Cory Cullinan, second from left, developed his new opera, “Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony,” to appeal to children.

Los Altos native and children’s music entertainer Cory Cullinan recently launched a fundraising campaign to promote his lastest musical endeavor, a two-act opera exclusively for children.

Cullinan, professionally known as Doctor Noize, describes the opera, “Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony,” as an educational musical theater piece.

“This is my dream project,” he said. “I think kids are smartest and most open-minded when it comes to music, and it’s a mistake when adults compose and orchestrate only for adults.”

His aim, Cullinan added, is to expose children to the “wonders of orchestral music and the fine arts.”

Conductor Kyle Pickett will lead the Colorado Symphony Orchestra through recording, with opera singers Nathan Gunn and Isabel Leonard also committed to the project.

The plotline will appeal to children – monkey Phineas McBoof, who went missing at the end of Doctor Noize’s last album, has been found on an island, where he teaches the natives the “joys of orchestral music.” Phineas and his native band rehearse for a grand symphony, but the performance won’t happen if antagonist “Mama Meanie” (an evil bunny voiced by Leonard) has anything to say about it. Along the way, the audience will hear orchestral elements from sonatas to the sounds of the different instruments.

After composing the music and writing the script, Cullinan’s next challenge is to raise money to cover production and recording costs, estimated at $125,000. He produced a video highlighting the message of the opera, available in approximately two weeks to kick-start the campaign.

“Just because kids are young doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate orchestra and opera,” Cullinan said. “I think adults have a narrower mindset when it comes to music. If we can make kids excited about orchestra and opera, I think that’s great. It’s what I love to do.”

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