Through the Wire

It was a dark and quite stormy night and there lived a Dog, a Cat and some eyeballs in a jar. In the haunted house lives a Dog, and next to that Dog is an eyeball. The Dog has the house to itself … and lives off the eyeballs. The Dog has no friends, and for some reason has a pet Cat. That Cat is a robber. She steals hamsters to be her lunch. She communicates with the Dog, and whatever the Dog says, the Cat will do.

The Full Moon

It was a dark night and the only source of light was the moon. A full moon.

Jack O Acorn

Once upon a time, there was a kid who was 2 years old. The kid’s name was Sabina. And she carved a pumpkin with a special pumpkin carving knife. She called it a jack-o’-lantern.

The Window

Mr. Dunkin was on a business trip. He straightened his tie, adjusted his fedora and began to walk to Greenwell Hotel. On the way, he noticed a man who was following him. He had a pair of round glasses and was wearing a navy blue suit as was Mr. Dunkin.

It's January

It was a cold and dark Halloween night. My friends and I were trick-or-treating.

We were having so much fun. Suddenly, everything was gone. Most of the streets were gone.



The cat stared back at the boy. They were both lying down, just 12 inches apart but separated by the glass in the sliding door to the patio. He had never seen this particular cat before, and he wondered where it had come from. The cat stared at him without blinking, as cats most often do.


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