Duck-napped: Fiberglass statue returned in MV

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Courtesy of MVPD
Surveillance footage captures a suspect in the process of stealing a fiberglass duck from a Mountain View residence. Click to enlarge.

Let the duck puns fly.

Rubberta, a yellow, rubber-ducky-themed garden statue, returned home last week following a harrowing kidnapping.

She’s safe but a bit banged up and chipped from her travels, reported a Mountain View resident, presumably her owner, on

“The thieves were smarter putting her back as they placed her outside of camera range,” the man wrote. “She will now be taking a little break from the front to recover from her ordeal and while we find a better way to secure her.”

Rubberta, age unknown, disappeared March 11 from a front yard located on the 300 block of Stierlin Road. Surveillance video of the theft clearly shows the three who plucked the duck: a woman with glasses and dyed, burgundy-colored hair and two accomplices, a man with closely cropped hair and a dark-haired woman filming the entire escapade on a cellphone. The suspects appear to be in their 20s or early 30s.

At approximately 1 p.m., the burgundy-haired woman pulls up to the residence in a four-door, white sedan, waits for the accomplices to join her, and then they descend upon Rubberta, the man wielding bolt cutters to snap the ducky’s chain lock. The burgundy-haired woman drives off, with Rubberta in the front passenger seat, sans seat belt.

None of those involved properly wore a face mask, except Rubberta, whose oversized covering admirably concealed her bill.

The Mountain View Police Department posted about the theft on various social media platforms, urging internet sleuths to “quack the case.”

“One of our officers noted the artistic piece is always a bright spot for kids to stop and admire when he would see families on neighborhood walks – so this bird is certainly not just some poultry statue when it comes to how beloved it is!” a department rep wrote in a Facebook post last week.

Rubberta’s owner credited the police department for her swift return, and the department thanked members of the public.

“Thank you to all who made the effort to spread your wings and share her story,” a MVPD rep posted on the department’s Facebook page Thursday. “For now, let’s let Rubberta nestle up and rest. She’s earned it.”

The post did not include any information about whether the police have apprehended the duck-nappers or whether the investigation continues.

“So, what’s the story?” a Mountain View resident wrote on Facebook, responding to the MVPD post. “Did she magically reappear or did you catch the thieves?”

Katie Nelson, spokesperson for the MVPD, told the Town Crier Friday she knows Rubberta is back, but she is unaware of any additional details concerning her kidnapping.

Rubberta’s not revealing much herself. For the most part, she appears unfazed by her experience, her stare just as vacant as before. While the ducky’s exact provenance is unknown, a similar fiberglass statue boasting a height of 25.25 inches and a weight of 50 pounds, retails for $2,250 on

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