The Kitten


As lightning struck nearby, it illuminated a scared little kitten cowering in the dark. “Crash, bam” came the noise from outside as a large thunderclap struck, and the little kitten jumped in fright. The lightning came again, briefly lighting up the room, but just long enough for the kitten to see a dark shape looming above her. The small tabby kitten scrambled into a corner and hid there for the rest of the night. Little did the little kitten know that her life was about to change …

She woke up to a puppy licking her in the face.

“Mrrow,” she said. “Get off me.”

When she saw a tall figure walking toward her, she yelped in panic. She looked up to see if she could climb something, and saw tall shelves full of rectangular thingies.

“What have you found now, Jasper?” When she saw the kitten, she gasped in surprise. “Good boy, Jasper. Go and play now,” Annie said.

Then, the small kitten looked up into her eyes, and instantly, the librarian knew she had to keep the kitten.

“Anyways,” Annie thought, “well, it is the day before Halloween and the kids who go trick-or-treating would love her. She would also make a good playmate for Jasper.”

As Annie was walking Jasper home, with the little curled-up ball of Kiki in her palm, she thought about the next day, when the kids would go trick-or-treating at her library.

“Good night,” she yawned to Jasper and Kiki as she fell into bed.

When she got to the library in the morning, she was practically jumping up and down, excited for Halloween.

“Yes, finally! It’s Halloween time!” Annie almost shouted.

In the first group of trick-or-treaters, a little boy peered into the library and saw Kiki curled up on the carpet.

“That’s one of my cat’s kittens!” he said.

“It is? I found it in my library yesterday morning,” said Annie.

“But she is mine. I know it,” said the little boy dressed up as a cat.

“Well, do you have to take her? I have gotten kind of attached to her,” replied Annie.

“Well, OK, I guess you can keep her, because I’ve got other kittens, too,” the boy said. “But if you keep her, can you give me extra candy?”

“OK,” said Annie. “I guess.”

And they both lived happily ever after!

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