It's January

It was a cold and dark Halloween night. My friends and I were trick-or-treating.

We were having so much fun. Suddenly, everything was gone. Most of the streets were gone.

Except, the street I was walking on.

The houses were gone. The cars were gone. My friends were gone. I called for my friends.

Neve! Natalie! Nina! Sean!

But, there was no answer. I looked back. All I saw was an old and ugly haunted house. I was afraid I was going to die.

The house had spider webs all over the walls. The path leading up to the house was rocky and creepy. The house was a dark and gloomy color of black. The house had no windows or light inside. And, it was empty like my stomach.

I rang the doorbell …

The door opened by itself. I stepped into the house. The door closed by itself. It gave me chills. I felt like there were skeletons dancing in my stomach. But, soon they were going to die too.

My heart raced. My fingers tingled. I couldn’t think straight.

I felt like my mind was in a forest full of fog. I told myself, “Do it for the candy, Saara.”

I saw a bowl of candy and when I walked up to it, it disappeared. I saw it reappear.

I tip-toed to the bowl of candy this time, hoping that it wouldn’t disappear. It disappeared again.

I decided the best thing for me to do is leave the house. It was sad leaving the house empty handed.

I woke up the next morning in my own bed.

“Huh, it must have been a dream,” I thought.

I looked at the calendar. … It’s January!

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