The Window

Mr. Dunkin was on a business trip. He straightened his tie, adjusted his fedora and began to walk to Greenwell Hotel. On the way, he noticed a man who was following him. He had a pair of round glasses and was wearing a navy blue suit as was Mr. Dunkin.

He arrived at the hotel front desk and noticed the man with the round glasses behind. They both went into the elevator.

Mr. Dunkin walked down the endless hall until he reached his room. Inside, there was a single bed and a nightstand with a rotary telephone and a lamp on top. Across the room, there was a dresser with a black-and-white television set sitting on top. Above the television set was a picture of the man with round glasses.

“Very weird,” Mr. Dunkin muttered to himself.

He looked once more at the picture. Wait. Did the man with the round glasses in the picture just blink? No No No! Mr. Dunkin thought. That must just be a trick of light! He pushed the thought of the man blinking aside. He had an important meeting tomorrow. He mustn’t be thinking of blinking pictures!

The next day he woke up to see the man with round glasses in the picture staring at him. Chills went up his spine.

That is when he couldn’t take it anymore. He dialed the front desk, and they sent a person to come and take down the picture.

Five minutes later, someone knocked on the door.

“Room service? Room service?” the person said.

“Come in,” said Mr. Dunkin.

The door opened, and a man with a low hat came in. The hat was so low that he couldn’t see the man’s face.

“Can you please take that picture down? It scares me,” said Mr. Dunkin, pointing at the picture.

“It is not a picture. It’s a window,” said the man.

Mr. Dunkin looked at the window and the man with round glasses was gone! When he looked back at the man from room service, he lifted up his hat, and there, revealed the face of the man with round glasses.

Mr. Dunkin tried to scream, but nothing came out. That is when he fainted, and died of fear.

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