The Full Moon

It was a dark night and the only source of light was the moon. A full moon.

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Dorothy. Dorothy lived in a small cottage with her grandmother.

The cottage barely fit the two of them, but they were both thankful for what they had. It was October 31, which means that it was Halloween.

Dorothy dressed up as a wolf. And her grandmother dressed up as the grandmother in “Little Red Riding Hood.” They’d gotten them in a set at the Halloween store.

“Come on, Grandma, I don’t want to get all the bad candies.”

“All right, Dorothy. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Grandmother.”

And then their adventure began.

When they first got out of the house, Dorothy began to shake. She was very cold for being in a super fuzzy and hot costume.

“Are you cold, Grandmother?” Dorothy asked.

“No, sweetie, my costume is very hot,” said her grandmother.

“Really, Grandma, I am very cold,” said Dorothy.

“That is odd, darling,” said her grandmother. “I got that costume for you so you wouldn’t be cold.”

Anyways, they went on their way toward the scariest house that they saw.

When they were making their way to the house across the street, Dorothy felt a shiver go down her spine again, but this time she growled. She thought that it was really nothing, so she ignored it.

But then she felt the breeze again.

“Hey, Grandmother, is there a breeze that you are feeling?” Dorothy asked.

“No darling, maybe you are catching a cold,” her grandmother answered.

“Maybe,” said Dorothy.

But then, Dorothy fell into a very thorny rose bush.

When Dorothy woke up, she was surprised and scared that she was back in their cottage.

Her grandmother was looking over her.

“Thank goodness you woke up, Dorothy,” said her grandma.

Later that night, after Dorothy ate her supper, she went to bed. She had been really tired for an odd reason.

It was midnight and Dorothy woke up to go to the bathroom.

She felt itchy and then when she was scratching herself, she felt furry. She looked into the mirror and she saw that she was a werewolf.

Probably it happened when she fell into the rose bush.

But maybe also because it was a full moon. When she woke up the next morning, she wasn’t a werewolf.

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